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The LinkedIn app makes it easier for users, to catch in an opportunity, and access their professional potential. With it, you can discover, get connected and grow relationships with people that count.

You can look for, and apply for jobs, and receive updates on topics and companies as it happens. With this online social network, you have a unique place to connect and stay in touch with your professional relationships.

Use the LinkedIn app, to reach across to people in your network, even with your colleague at your establishment. Stay tuned with the current business, and industry news, and follow companies, influences, and professionals, you fancy.

The LinkedIn app can be used to job hunt. Search for jobs, to locate what you are looking for, and apply to a company, with your resume using the app.

linkedin app

With LinkedIn, you can broaden, and publish your knowledge. You can write posts, and share knowledge, as well as stay updated and discover vital news all around the globe. With the app, your company or product can be showcased to the world to tap into great marketing openings.

Your LinkedIn profile can be used as your professional brand to share your virtual resume with accomplishments and job responsibilities to provide your network with updates and prospective employers using the details of your skills and experience.

Here are things you can use the LinkedIn App to do

  • You can locate and follow companies as well as groups
  • Articles can be shared with fellow employees and your network
  • The LinkedIn app can be used, to beautifully tell your story, and build your personal brand, exceeding your resume with your profile.
  • Get a profile image or photo added to enable people and employees to find your profile.
  • Locate people, or get suggestions to hook up with people you may know.
  • Employees, can be leveraged, build the talent brand of your company
  • Stay abreast of your network, get updates as regards activity within your
  • Locate people, who work at a specific company, you like
  • Those who are seeking for jobs can use the LinkedIn app to review the profile of hiring managers and find out which of their existing contacts can get them introduced.
  • Use this app, to find jobs, people employees, companies and business opportunities recommended by someone in your network
  • Other profiles, can be viewed
  • Locate, and apply for jobs, using your LinkedIn resume
  • Get your account upgraded to LinkedIn Premium, from the right, within the app
  • List jobs, and search for employees using the app

The LinkedIn app has been adjudged, the #1 way, when it comes to conducting a social job search. Use this app today to build your professional network, and stay abreast with the latest news, to land your coveted job.

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