10 Legit Online Jobs That Pay Weekly

Legit Online Jobs That Pay Weekly – Working from home appears to be trending these days, and that is because a lot of people want the flexibility that comes with it.

However, one area that may not be really flexible is the payment time. There are online jobs you get and you’ll have to wait for about 40 days to get your pay.

Waiting that long can unnerving and and it feels like forever

However, there are many Legit Online Jobs That Pay Weekly.

Let’s quickly run across these Legit Online Jobs That Pay Weekly?

1. Translate.com

Founded in 2011, and on their site, you will get paid to translate social media posts, support tickets, blog articles, and more.

The great thing about translate.com is that you can withdraw your earnings at any time, via PayPal. The not so amazing thing is that work can be a bit low sometimes but it a Legit Online Jobs That Pay Weekly.

2. Chegg Tutor

This site is another Legit Online Jobs That Pay Weekly, it’s a site that pays you to teach students online. You can earn as much as $20 per hour working from home.

One of the qualifications is that you must be at least 18 years old to sign up and another qualification preferably is to have some teaching experience.

PayPal is the medium of payment and you get paid automatically every Thursday morning, so its a Legit Online Jobs That Pay Weekly.

3. Transcribeme

This company got started in 2011 and it has grown to become one of the most popular transcription companies and a Legit Online Jobs That Pay Weekly.

Transcribers on this platform are paid $20 per audio hour every week, with their earning average around $250 per month.

Once you reach a threshold of $20, upon request, you get paid, via PayPal, on Thursdays.

4. Unbabel

Unbabel is an online translation company in based in San Francisco, California and Portugal.

This platform is looking for translators (who are called editors on the site) whose job is to edit articles that have been translated by robots. The editor’s work is basically to clean up the work the bot has done.

You get paid weekly via Payoneer and PayPal.

5. Cambly – Legit Online Jobs That Pay Weekly

Do you love the idea of chatting with people all over the world and get paid for it? If so, Cambly is for you, on this platform you get paid to do just that.

As they state on their site, one minute you might be chatting up Jose Lucas, a Brazilian, and the next one you’ll be chatting with Aleksandr Anichka, a Russian!

The chats are carried out on video. You are required to be a native English speaker, to own a webcam, a mic, and high-speed internet connection.

The Pay is $10/hr and payment is every Monday via PayPal.

6. Rev

This is quite a popular transcription site that, although it has mixed reviews, it is 100% Legit Online Jobs That Pay Weekly.

Register at the site, take an accessment test and if you pass the assessment, you get access to hundreds of transcription jobs every week.

They pay via PayPal every Monday.

7. Scribie

Scribie is a another transcription company that got started in 2008. The awesome thing about Scribie is that unlike every other transcription sites, is that you will almost always find a transcription work to take up.

The tasks are usually between 4 to 8 minutes long.

The pay, though, is low by the way, and starts as low as $5 per audio hour, though it can go all the way to $25.

You can cash out your earnings any time, no matter how much you have as your balance.

8. Speechpad

This is another legitimate transcription company that was launched in 2008. They also offer captioning and translation work.

The pay as low as $0.25 per audio minute to $1, and can get even higher for jobs that have a short deadline.

Payments are made automatically via PayPal every Tuesday and Friday.

9. Text Broker

This is another common content mill that is frequented by website owners, publishing houses and small business owners that are looking to get their orders filled.

Payment is as low as 0.7 to 5 cents per word. You can only withdraw once your balance is $10 or more, once a week, via PayPal.

10. Crowd Content

This happens to be one of the best content mills out there. You get paid to write product descriptions, Facebook posts, press releases, blog posts, press releases, and ebooks.

Once you have earned a minimum of $10, Crowd Content pays twice weekly, via PayPal.

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