Jewelry Stores | Types of Jewelry Stores | Marketing Strategy for Jewelry Stores

Jewelry Stores – Types of Jewelry Stores – A jewelry store is a place set up specially for the sales of jewelry.

Jewelry stores apart from selling, are also functional in giving out services that could include;

jewelry stores

  • Jewelry repairs
  • Consultancy
  • Re-shapening
  • Restoring pieces
  • Manufacturing or producing
  • Gems cut and sales.

A jewelry meanwhile, is a decorative material worn for adornments. Jewelries are beautiful and often expensive because of the types of materials used in making them. Jewels could be made from gems including Rubies, marbles, diamond stones, gold etc. They have been essential in fashion trends recently, and have been a major part of our lives.

Types of Jewelry Stores

In a bid to know where to get different types of jewels, it is essential to learn about their store types, and jewelry types to be expected from them.

  • The Basic Jewelry stores :

These type of jewelry stores are known for selling jewels for those customers having a mild or moderate taste in fashion. They also are not involved in the design or sales of jewelry. They, however, carry out great services and make minor repairs, give simple advice to customers on choosing the perfect jewelry etc. These stores boost their marketing prowess by keeping to a great affordable price.

  • The Main Street Jewelry Store:

These stores are a lot more extensive when compared to the basic shops. They sell higher quality jewelry with more complicated designs while using more complicated materials. They tend to be more expensive, because of the advanced quality they offer.

They often times carry out repair services, although more complicated repairs when compared to the aforementioned store.

  • The Boutique Style Jewelry Store:

These types of stores are used to selling products manufactured by a particular brand. Their jewelry is usually more standard in quality than the aforementioned, and are made in high-quality environments. These shops/ boutique although bears the name of the owner, and not the brand they sell. They are usually privately owned and have galleries in them where customers get to see products in a nice way.

Marketing Strategy for Jewelry Stores

Jewelry stores need to be marketed, to ensure that they have a wide range of customers using their products. The following will aid your jewelry branded store to become popular


The Internet is the largest community in the world today and is unarguably one of the best places to market your products. Places like Facebook, Instagram etc., offer spaces for ads, and with these, a large audience can be reached. Communication could be established among these customers, and tips on how to care for their products could be dished out to the satisfaction and delight of these customers.


Whether on phone or directly, a great customer service is always profitable. They can either attract or repel customers.

For a jewelry shop to spring up, and make wave, they should have a great customer service base that is always willing to be responsive to customer’s pleas and wishes whenever they come calling.

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