Jaguar To Become An All-Electric Brand In 2025

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Jaguar plans to build an all-electric car in 2025 as part of a sweeping “reimage’’ strategy, the company announced. By 2030, Jaguars will no longer use gas or hybrid models to choose from. Its Landrover will begin a transformation towards electrification in the next five years, starting in 2024.

Jaguar To Become An All-Electric Brand In 2025

Landrover also has plans to sell 60% of its cars in pure electric form 2030, Jaguar land rover models will be available in all electric variants by the end of the decade.

Landrover will use compatible platforms compatible with all-electric powertrains called EMA (electric modular architecture) for its EV models and another called MLA (modular longitudinal architecture) for hybrids.

Jaguar has plans to use a pure electric architecture for its upcoming vehicles. The company said it will invest £2.5 billion ($3 billion) in its new system and has set £35 million ($48.7 million) for missing EU emissions.

The company has plans to look into hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and plans to start road testing porotypes within a year.

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