Is Whitebit safe?

Is whitebit safe – Whitebit is a licensed crypto exchange with features for professional traders. Whitebit, a centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform trusted by over 3,000 users from 190 countries. You can trade bitcoin, ethereum, tether, XRP, lite coin, Cardona and many other cryptocurrencies, whitebit have some of the most favourable trading and staking conditions in the cryptocurrency market.

Is Whitebit safe?

Whitebit is both for beginners and experienced traders, whitebit is safe, the platform stands out by its convenience, easy to use, high security, and a wide spectrum of trading opportunities.

Is whitebit safe?

Is whitebit safe, you may be wondering if the cryptocurrency is safe to but and trade coin on the platform here is an overview of the whitebit platform.

Whitebit is a crypto to fiat exchange offer ring over 150 trading pairs. Whitebit hold a European exchange and custody license and state that they all meet all kyc and AML requirements. Whitebit operates in over 190 countries and has over 300,000 users.

Regarding safety, whitebit state that 96% of its crypto assets are held in cold storage and they utilize the WAF, 2FA, and anti phishing software to safeguard users and their crypto.

Deposit is accepted in different formats, you can use different form of payments on the whitebit platform, including visa and MasterCard.

Trade Bitcoin and other digital currency assets

On the whitebit platform, you can trade cryptocurrency like Ethereum, Bitcoin, chainlink, monero, on other digital assets using your credit card. The cryptocurrency wallet give you access to purchase bitcoin, transfer funds quickly and store them securely.

Wide range of cryptocurrency and trading pairs

Select from 90+ supported coins offered on 150+ trading pairs. New cryptocurrency are constantly added.

Exemplary security

Is whiteBit safe? WhiteBit app is integrated with a two-factor authentication technology that additionally protects your account. WhiteBit has 8.4 cyber security score which makes it one of the most reliable crypto platform world wide.

Great selection of tools

Whitebit platform has all professional trading:

  • Track cryptocurrency rate
  • Place different types of market
  • Limit and conditional orders
  • Analyze the market using charts and indicator

Benefits that accompany KYC

Get verified to increase the level of security for your funds and account. The procedure is quite straightforward and takes 1-24 hours. However, you don’t have to pass KYC to make deposit and to withdraw up to 2BTC.

Simplicity and ease to use

The intuitive interface simplifies interaction with the application, making it very convenient as possible for traders at any level of experience. The touch ID sensor allows you to sign in with one touch.

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