Is trust wallet safe: Five reasons why you should use trust wallet

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Is trust wallet safe? Trustwallet is a simple and reliable wallet that enables you to store cryptocurrency, utilizing and storing cryptocurrency doesn’t have to be difficult. In 2018 Trustwallet joined Binance, trust wallet is the official Mobile wallet app of Binance Trustwallet provides the safest and easiest way for you to store your cryptocurrency.

Reasons, why you should download, Trustwallet mobile

Is trust wallet safe

Is Trustwallet safe? Here are some reasons why you should consider downloading the trust mobile app on your device

Free to use

Downloading and installing Trustwallet on your mobile device is completely free. You don’t have to pay before accessing the Trustwallet app. However, you will have to pay network transaction fees and other similar fees, but Trustwallet ensures to minimize fees for your transactions.


Trustwallet enable more than 40blockchains, there are several supported cryptocurrency and tokens on Trustwallet having a different wallet for different cryptocurrency is difficult, it easier for you to have everything in one place.

Easy use of your cryptocurrency

Sending and receiving cryptocurrencies has never been easier. You send and receive cryptocurrency to receive regular blockchain addresses, QR, codes, or you simply do this by using address names straight from your device.


With Trustwallet you, control your private keys and ultimately have full sovereignty over your cryptocurrency Trustwallet is decentralized which means you have control over your private keys. By owning your own private keys.

Private and secure

Trustwallet is well designed to keep your cryptocurrency safe, Binance and Trustwallet share many values, one of this value is the absolute requirement of user safety. Also, none of your personal data is ever collected or stored, your identity is safe.


Trustwallet provides the stalking of another cryptocurrency like tezos, algorand, cosmo, and lots more. You can easily stake your cryptocurrency and earn more with no difficulties.

Buy cryptocurrency with your card

Trustwallet embodied numerous card payments processes. You can purchase your most valued cryptocurrency without exciting the Trustwallet app, all you need to do is to pick the currency you want to buy, provide your card details and your wallet will be topped immediately

DApp browser

Decentralized applications are becoming a trend in cryptocurrency. You can use them for things like lending your cryptocurrency to earn more cryptocurrency, Trustwallet on Android devices has a DApp inbuilt browser you can directly access Apps within your wallet, and you can also explore to find new DApps to find new opportunities.

Trade or swap cryptocurrency

Trustwallet provides opportunity for you to trade without leaving your wallet. Trustwallet has two different that makes this possible, swap and exchange. You can quickly swap one cryptocurrency for another with the with the simple swap interface whereas exchange allows more trading and more control.

Having Trustwallet on your device is no brainer, there are different valuable features and it’s free to download.

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