Is Lyft Cheaper Than Uber – Let’s Find Out Uber vs Lyft

Is Lyft Cheaper Than Uber – Batman and Spiderman, Fanta and Miranda, Uber and Lyft. The battles of arch rivals are ever so fun to watch, and today we’ll be putting two ridesharing rivals side by side. Both Lyft and Uber have their cons and pros, but for a typical rider, it all comes down to this question: Is Lyft or Uber cheaper?

To answer it, a comparison was made on Uber’s and Lyft’s prices in ten major cities across the U.S. and Canada. This was what was found.

Is Lyft Cheaper Than Uber  - Let's Find Out Uber vs Lyft

1. Is Lyft Cheaper than Uber in New York City?

A trip through Manhattan and Brooklyn—from Empire State Building to Brooklyn—will cost you $37.77 with Lyft and $37.79 with UberX. The ride will cost you almost the same with either app.

Verdict: Lyft and Uber cost the same

2. Is Lyft Cheaper than Uber in Washington D.C.?

Most things worth seeing in Washington D.C. are within walking distance from one another. But if you were to get a ride from, say, Library of Congress to The White House, which app would you want to use? Lyft estimates the ride at $10.32 while UberX will cost you $10.11 for that route

Verdict: Uber is slightly cheaper

3. Is Lyft Cheaper than Uber in Chicago?

Chicago is one of the largest and busiest cities in the United States, and of course you have more ride options there. At the same time of the day, a ride with UberX from Cloud Gate to The Second City comedy club will cost you $9.32, while the same ride with Lyft will be priced at $8.94.


Verdict: Lyft is slightly cheaper

4. Is Lyft Cheaper than Uber in Philadelphia?

In Philadelphia, Lyft gets ahead and gives a considerably lower fare for the same ride. Boarding an UberX from Liberty Bell to Philadelphia Zoo cost $13.12, while a Lyft will cost $9.88.

Verdict: Lyft is cheaper

5. Is Lyft Cheaper than Uber in Los Angeles?

LA is challenging to get around using public transportation. From The Santa Monica Pier to Universal Studios Hollywood will cost  $27.65 with UberX and $34.65 with Lyft.

Verdict: Uber is cheaper

6. Is Lyft Cheaper than Uber in Seattle?

UberX will take you from Lake Union Park to Pike Place Market for $8.60, while Lyft will cost more or less at price match $8.71.

Verdict: Uber is slightly cheaper

7. Is Lyft Cheaper than Uber in Miami?

You can get from Ocean Drive to Venetian Pool for $19.35 with Lyft or $24.35 with UberX.  A big price gap there!

Verdict: Lyft is cheaper

8. Is Lyft Cheaper than Uber in San Francisco?

An UberX ride from Pier 39 to Alamo Square will cost you $12.50. For the same distance, Lyft will charge $13.20.

Verdict: Uber is slightly cheaper

9. Is Lyft Cheaper than Uber in Toronto?

Lyft is not as widely available in Canada, but it competes with Uber in major cities. For example, in Toronto, a ride from The Toronto Zoo to The CN Tower will cost you CA$49.44 with UberX and CA$46.16 with Lyft, making Lyft more affordable.

Verdict: Lyft is cheaper

10. Is Lyft Cheaper than Uber in Ottawa?

If you want to hit all the major sights in Canada, here is a sample ride comparison. Rideau Hall to Parliament Hill will cost you CA$11.75 with UberX and CA$13.09 with Lyft.

Verdict: Uber is cheaper

So, Which Is Cheaper, Uber or Lyft?

It’s been a close race so far, with UberX being considerably cheaper that Lyft in two scenarios (Ottawa, and Los Angeles rides), and Lyft taking the prize in three (Miami, Philadelphia, and Toronto).

Statistically, that makes Lyft somewhat cheaper, but the reality is that it varies from city to city.

Also, the time of day and car availability can affect fares.

But what if you look at the average fares? According to the rates published by Uber and Lyft, Uber charges a lower initial fee and service fee, but Lyft’s rates per mile and per minute are lower than Uber’s. If you needed to ride for, say, 10 miles, here’s what your total would look like:

UberX: $1.58 service fee + $0.40 initial fee + $0.97*10 = $11.68
Lyft: $1.90 service fee + $0.9 initial fee + $0.9*10 = $11.80

Uber’s and Lyft’s prices here are very similar. On a longer journey, you’d probably end up paying a little more with Uber, and that is because Uber’s per minute cost is $0.05 higher than that of Lyft.

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