iPhone jailbreaking: jailbreaking Pros and Cons of Voiding Warranty

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iPhone jailbreaking – Jailbreak unlocks so many hidden amazing features on your iPhone but is it worth the risk? Despite it being free, easy, and legal jailbreaking, your apple device will still void your warranty.

There lots of reasons for and against jailbreaking. If you are worried about future consequence and co considering if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages here are few arguments to consider:

iPhone jailbreaking

Argument for jail Breaking

It’s quite easy

 Jailbreaking is easy with the latest tools for the latest version of iOS from uncover, all you need to jailbreak your iOS device is a computer and iPhone and within a few moments you should be done.

You can also use cydia for jailbreaking, cydia is an unofficial app store you can use to jailbreak your iOS device. This is where you download apps and tweaks that are not on the apple store, you also gain access to download all kind of software from the cydia app. The app offer both free and paid software, but rather than paying through cydia you would pay the developer directly.

You could unlock unparalleled customizations

Jailbroken device is more customizable than those running stock ios. You can have the physical appearance I your home screen, lock screen, keyboards, icons and so on, you can also add useful softwares tweaks to the UI that are not already available.

It’s could go wrong

If you have googled jailbreaking before you might have come across the term “bricking” this means your iPhone is unable to load the spring board and becomes unusable. However, many people who have used the jailbreaking method on their device have reported that it easy to recover your device should something go wrong but it’s likely that Apple won’t be able to help you out as you would have voided your warranty.

Even of your iOS device is recoverable after undergoing jailbreaking, you will need to wipe and start all over again.

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