iPhone 13 Said To Offer A 1TB Storage Option For The First Time

Sounds like a mind blowing feature doesn’t it? Let’s know more about it then.

The iPhone 13 has a new and captivating offer in its feature. The current iPhone 12 has a maximum storage space of 512GB, though Samsung has been offering 1TB phone for some years now.

iPhone 13 Said To Offer A 1TB Storage Option For The First Time

This year iPhone 13 tends to launch a 1TB storage option to certain high-end models, which doubles the maximum iPhone storage and stands as the first Apple smartphone.

1TB Option + LIDAR On All Model   

It’s been close to two years now that we’ve waited for the newly upgraded device from Samsung with the Galaxy S10 and other mind-blowing devices. Apple on the other hand has got our expectations high in expectance of the upcoming iPhone 13, along sides the LIDAR scanner and its upcoming models.

The information was gotten from a reporter in Wedbush analysts seen by MacRomors. Other features are also expected from the iPhone 13 like an always-on display, with Apple’s 120 Hz proMotion Tech, a narrow notch, a sensor-shift optical image stabilization across all cameras which is currently exclusive to the iPhone 12 Pro Max and more Proits not new though, the anticipation of the 1TB on a device but a reliable Apple leaker Jon Prosser repeated his earlier prediction that the next iPhone would offer a 1TB storage opinion.

Why You May Need A 1TB iPhone

Currently, we’ve got just an iOS device hitting the 1TB which is the iPad Pro.  This offer is still under probability but hopefully, we’ll get it.

Though it may sound like a waste having such space once something is put into consideration, it’s not so many after all. Imagine having different shots and pictures in Apple’s ProRaw format, recording a 4K video in sixty frames per second is also costly.

A minute of such video needs close to half a gigabyte of storage and a lot more to put into consideration. It saves you from payment of extra space on iCloud too.

Wedbush believes the launch of the iPhone 13 will create a push that will increase the sale of the iPhone 12. It’s left for us to wait and hope the upgraded version of the iPhone shows up sooner than later so we could enjoy the unlimited storage space and other features stated above.

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