India Ease Restrictions On Mapping And Survey To Help Local Firms

India said local firms will no longer need the Authorization to generate, store and share geospatial data of the country, ensuring sweeping changes to its earlier stance that it admitted hindered innovation.

New Delhi required Indian firms to seek authorization to create and publish topographical data.

Earlier today Prime Minister Narendra Modi said this step will enable the country to become self-reliant and reach its $5 trillion GDP.

The department of science and technology India is effectively making changes to this mapping policy, specifically for Indian companies.

New Delhi said in a statement that what is available globally does not have to be restricted in India and therefore geospatial data that used to be restricted will be freely available freely in India.

In its guidelines, New Delhi said the local firms will be allowed ground verification that enables access to endian round and augmentation services for real-time positioning.

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