How To Transfer Pictures From Apple Photos And iCloud To Google Photos

Using apple photos iCloud can fill up your space on your MacBook’s hard drive, reclaim your storage space, and switch from Apple photos and iCloud to Google photos instead, this can make your photos available on any device.

After that, you can view, sort, and search for them quickly and even edit them using pertinent native or third-party apps without relying on iCloud.

How To Transfer Pictures From Apple Photos And iCloud To Google Photos

Here us how to export your pictures from Apple photos and iCloud to Google photos.

How To Move Apple Photos To Google Photos On Your Mac

Not only does the apple photos app allows you to store photos locally, but it also allows you to sync and download pictures from your iCloud account. Transferring your photos from your Mac to Google photos will make them attainable from any device.

Here is how to transfer your pictures from Apple photos to google photos ton your mac:

  1. Access the Apple photos app on your Mac, then go to photos>preferences at the top left in the menu bar.
  2. Move to the cloud tab and enable the option for Download originals on this mac under iCloud photos. It will take time if you plan to transfer the original version of your photos
  3. Enter your Google photos app page to download back and sync.
  4. Sign in to your google account, and select back up photos and videos while setting up
  5. Under the tool select pictures and photos library folders by default, choose high or original upload quality.
  6. Select start to back up all your photos to google photos

If the iCloud sync in your Apple photos app is disabled, access on your mac to download all the photos manually. Then, move those images to the Pictures folder on your mac the backup and sync tool can save a copy in Google photos. After sync up, remove the backup and sync tool. Keep in mind that deleting those pictures from your mac won’t remove them from your google photos.

How To Transfer iCloud Photos To Google Photos On iPhone

Transferring photos is a lot easier if you have the google photos app installed on your iphone, you can directly send your photos with downloading them on your iphone.

Here is how to move images in icloud photos to Google Photos on your iphone.

  1. Access your settings from your iphone device, go to photos then, select Download, and keep originals(uses more storage) or optimize iPhone storage.
  2. Open the Google photos app on your iPhone
  3. Tap the Account icon in the upper-right corner and choose photo settings.
  4. Select Back up&sync and enable the toggle for Back up&sync.
  5. You can choose between highly quality and original, under upload size.

An advancement ring with a tiny arrow appear around the Account icon to indicate that the back up is in progress.

Use Apple Privacy Site Let’s You Transfer iCloud Photos To Google Photos

Apple privacy sites enables you demand copies of all your photos and videos stored on icloud. Allowing you convey them to Google photos. Exporting these photos will not remove them from your mac or iphone, unless you delete them manually.

Here is how to move your icloud photos to google photos using Apple’s privacy site.

  • Access Apple’s data and privacy site and sign in using your apple ID.
  • Select request a copy of your data
  • Scroll down to the bottom, check the box for icloud photos, select continue.
  • Click on drop down to select the appropriate file size you want to download
  • Select complete request to order a copy of your icloud photos.

Apple photos and iCloud can easily store your pictures, Google photos offers better tools to organize and sort them.

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