How To Start Up A Meeting Microsoft Outlook – step-by-step Guide

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Microsoft Outlook gives a whole lot than just the usual email service. It’s got the calendar feature, which allows you to schedule meetings with coworkers or clients.

In Microsoft Outlook, you can see all invitees, available meeting time that works well for other people. Here is a detailed explanation of how to use this scheduling feature in Microsoft outlook.

How To Start Up A Meeting Microsoft Outlook

How To Create A New Event In Microsoft Outlook

  • Access New message to set up a meeting or event, select the New event from the drop-down menu, or choose the calendar icon and then New event.
  • You can tittle your event with the pop-up window, invite people using the email addresses, pick a convenient date and time, location and describe your event.

How To Utilize The Scheduling Assistant In Microsoft Outlook

  • Outlook will suggest a time when everyone is available as soon as you include all invitees. That does not restrict you from picking your own time, you can select your time by clicking on schedule assistant in the upper horizontal column of tabs.
  • You can now see the exact times you and your attendees are available for a meeting. Unavailable times will be indicated in blue, and the available times will remain empty.

How To Choose A Meeting Location In Microsoft Outlook

Outlook will twirl you back to your event details, where you can finish setting up your meeting by picking a location. If your team works remotely, you can use the Zoom or skype app instead of online meetings by dropping the URL into the location bar opposite the drop-down menu.

But if you team work closely with you in the office, you can:

Select a meeting room, to select a meeting room click on Add a location>browse more rooms

Rooms set by 365 administrator will appear under the room finder on the right column, indicating their availability or unavailability.

After choosing your location your meeting is all set up, click send and you will receive an email, and a notification of meeting for your invitees, where they can easily accept or decline the request.

Should You Schedule A Meeting In Microsoft Outlook?

Setting up a meeting in Microsoft outlook can lessen unnecessary back and forth communication regarding a meeting date, it is also worth knowing that you can only schedule a meeting in outlook if the other invites are users of the Microsoft outlook.

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