How To Share A Tweet On Instagram Story (iOS & Android): Here is a Step-by-Step Guide to Share Tweets Directly to your Instagram Story From Twitter

How To Share A Tweet On Instagram Story (iOS & Android) – If you like to share tweets on Instagram stories, here is something that works better for you instead of screenshot tweeting and reposting on your Instagram sorry, Twitter allows you to add tweets to Instagram stories easily.

Here is how to achieve that.

How To Share A Tweet On Instagram Story (iOS & Android)

How to share Tweets on Instagram story iOS

Twitter started testing this feature last year, however, the features were just enabled recently.

Here is a step-by-step guide to share tweets directly to your Instagram story from Twitter.

  • Open the Twitter app from your apple device
  • Choose the tweet that you wish to share on your IG story
  • Tap on the share icon
  • Select the Instagram option, once the share sheet opens
  • You will be redirected to the Instagram app
  • A new IG story draft with the tweet will appear
  • Edit by adding text, stickers
  • Proceed to step on the share button
  • To share on your IG story

You can now share tweet directly from Twitter to your stories with ease on your apple device

How to share tweet on Instagram story on Android

For those who want to share tweet on Instagram stories using android device, will need to need to use the workaround methods direct sharing is not yet available on twitter for Android.

For now, we can suggest the usual method of uploading photo to your Instagram stories using android device

Cropped Tweet Screenshot Method

  • Access the twitter app on your android device
  • Take a screen of the tweet you want to share on Instagram story
  • Crop the tweet
  • Open your Instagram app
  • Tap on the story creation button, upload your tweet screen shot as you would upload any other picture you want to post on your IG story

The ability to share tweet directly to Instagram story is limited to apple device for now, there is currently no word from Twitter when the feature will be extended to android users.

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