How To Revive Windows XP on your Windows 10 And Techniques You Must Consider

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In dire need to use the Window XP software? Here is how you can revive on XP inside Windows 10.  Microsoft has longed to move on from Windows XP, an operating system that was launched over two decades ago. 

Windows 10 is now the latest and greatest, other people consider the XP undefeated. We are going to show you how to resuscitate Windows XP on windows 10.

How To Revive Windows XP on your Windows 10

If you are trying to bring back features like the quick launch, or trying to get a replica of the windows XP, or going all out in running XP in a virtual machine.

Here Are Few Techniques To Consider When Trying To Revive Windows XP

  • Run XP software and Games

Most games and software are compatible with specific operating systems. If the program is newer or still updated, but there might be a problem if there is something built for the XP days if  there is something like a legacy enterprise software or a retro game you still want to run.

Right-click the program and select Run Administrator. If that doesn’t work, you can try the troubleshooter;

  • Right-click the program.
  • Click on Properties.
  • switch to the Compatibility tab
  • Click Run compatibility troubleshooter. This will try to detect and resolve problems automatically.
  • Choose Try recommend settings and then test the program to see if the program launches properly.
  • The troubleshooter will ask if the fix was successful. Select either Yes, save these settings for this program and close the troubleshooter, or select No, try again using different settings to work through a series of questions and the suggested solutions.
  • Change the theme of Windows 10 to look like windows XP

If you are familiar with the windows XP you will probably first think of the blue color scheme. You can revive some of this by using a program called open-shell formerly known as classic shell. Launch the open shell settings after installment:

  • Go to the Start Menu Style tab.
  • Select either Classic style or Classic with two columns, depending on your preference.
  • Click Select skin beneath
  • Use the Skin dropdown to select Windows XP Luna.
  • Use the Skin options to customize the skin further, like changing the Start menu color, icon and font size, and whether to display the user picture.
  • Resurrect XP features

You can bring back the quick launch toolbar into the latest windows 10.

To do so;

  • Right-click the taskbar.
  • Hover Toolbars.
  • Click the new toolbar.
  • input this into the Folder field and press the Return key twice.

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