How to Restore your Facebook News Feed – Hacks

Facebook is one of the most used social media apps that are categorized into different groups, has amazing features, and still updated a lot more giving us access to new features is one amazing Application.

It’s been Seventeen years and still counting, Facebook App still has a way of lighting your mood and giving that spark. Imagine after having a rough day at work or a very long boring trip then login into your account to see a really hilarious write-up or video that hits the right spot and leaves you laughing out loud or smirking mischievously.

How to Restore your Facebook News Feed

The not-so-funny thing though is when you log into your Facebook page and see posts that show up on your newsfeed but aren’t the type of things you like and totally out of your taste/ preference. The things we see or read on or view tend to have access to mess around with our minds.

Facebook tends to process in a totally different manner than our brains so what it gets from its surroundings/your association is what it gives back through your posts that appear.

Facebook tends to focus basically on posts made by your family and friends, activities on a shared video by a friend of yours, matters friends might have contributed to regarding particular posts, etc.

A lot of people don’t know about this and that’s basically why we’re here to show you a way out.

How to Restore your Facebook Newsfeed

The steps to follow in getting back your Facebook newsfeed are:

1.  Your Groups: (a). Go to “manage group”.

       (b). Select “Groups”

              (c). Check out all the groups you’ve joined.

       (d). Once you sight that group that tends to pollute your news feed.

        (e). Select the gear icon and click on the leave group option.

2.  Pages :  (a). Go to your Facebook home page to check out all your liked pages in the past.

            (b). Click on pages on the navigation towards your left menu.

             (c). Select liked pages.

     (d) . Pages you’ve been liked to that are giving you issues with your news feed, unlike them.

     (e). Unfollow such pages too.

That would be all for Pages continue with the last step.

3. Newsfeed: (a). Search your news feed for stuffs that aren’t stable for you.

(b). Once you find them, tap the three dots on the upper-right corner of the post you want to get rid of.

                        (c). Tap Hide post from the menu.

Once you’ve followed all three steps accordingly, your Facebook Newsfeed would not be upsetting you nor bringing in negative vibes no longer.

It’s time to smile genuinely with nothing popping in to ruin your mood or mess with your mind.

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