How to Remove a Virus from Your Android Phone Without a Factory Reset

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I know a lot of us using android has really been waiting on this – How to Remove a Virus from Your Android Phone Without a Factory Reset. Most times our android device begins to malfunction and while trying to find a solution people’s suggestions will always be to do a factory reset.

How to Remove a Virus from Your Android Phone Without a Factory Reset

But when you remember what you might lose you don’t even think of it. Our research team has come up with very resourceful information on How to Remove a Virus from Your Android Phone Without a Factory Reset. carefully follow the guideline below for the solution.

Step 1: Install an Anti-virus and scan for Virus

The first move is to run an antivirus, to see if the malware is detected. Android has a wide array of free and paid antivirus software.

If you want a free app in terms of detection and user-friendliness, then Avira is a good bet. This will search all your programs and files and suggest deleting malicious ones.

You would need a paid software like Kaspersky Internet Protection for a more thorough scan, which has a trial duration of 30 days and costs $14.95 a year.

Luckily the virus scan on your phone or tablet should find and remove the malware. But if that’s not working, then this is a manual step.

Step 2: Manually Remove the Virus in Safe Mode

Here is another way to remove virus from your android phone without factory Just as Windows does have “Secure Mode,” so does Android.

So if a virus has infected your system, then you’ll have to trust it.

Here is why you should consider using safe mode.

  • It disables access to all downloaded third-party applications.
  • You can manage system problems in Android this way.
  • It allows you to reset and restore backups.

On most Androids phones, you can boot into Secure Mode by doing the following:

  • Press and hold the power button until it displays the “Power Off / Reset” pad.
  •  You’ll need to hold the “Power Off” till you get prompted to “Reboot in Safe Mode”.
  • Next Press “OK”.
  • Wait for the phone or tablet to restart. 
  • Near one of your phone corners, you’ll see a watermark of “Safe Mode”.

This method may not work because Android manufacturers customize their ROMs.

If that doesn’t work, head to the XDA Developers forum or your phone manufacturer’s official forum, where a search or question will likely tell you how to boot into Safe Mode on your device.

Once you have entered Safe Mode, go to Settings > Applications > Downloaded . Go through the list of downloaded apps to try to locate the malicious app on your Android device. 

It won’t always be easy to find, but think back to when the problem on your phone started and check if an app you have downloaded is on this list.

Tap on the app, and on the next screen tap “Uninstall” to get rid of it. If this allows you to do so, restart your phone normally (without going into safe mode), and the virus should be taken care of.

If you cannot get rid of the app, it may be that it requires administrator access. To remove this access

  • Proceed to Settings
  • Next go to Security
  • Then go to Device administrators
  • Locate the app and tap the check mark next to it.
  • Tap on “Disable” when prompted.
  • Now go back to Settings > Apps > Downloaded and uninstall the app

How to be Sure you have Removed the Antivirus

Apart from uninstalling the app, just to be on the safe side, you may also want to clean your Android device while you’re at it. 

Clearing cache and history, cleaning up the boot processes, and other basic steps can help you make sure your device is ready to go.

If Nothing Works, Please Reset

Unfortunately, if none of the above solutions helps you remove malware from your device, you have no choice but to reset your Android to factory settings. Yes, it means you will lose valuable data, but it’s better than using a compromised phone or tablet.

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