Tips on How to Make Money on YouTube – Monetize Your YouTube Account

How to Make money on YouTube – Every day, people make money, big time cash on YouTube platform. This article is going to educate you on the various ways to make earn money and how to monetize your youtube channel. YouTube is a powerful platform to make good money by creating entertaining, informative and engaging videos.

How to Make money on YouTube

Why use YouTube?

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine as well as the third most visited site after Google and Facebook. Daily, over one billion hours of YouTube videos are watched ad more than five hundred hours of video are uploaded on the platform.

Tips on How to Make Money on YouTube

  • Create a YouTube channel by logging in to your Gmail account, if you don’t have a Gmail account then create one. Go to, click on the drop-down menu on the left side of the YouTube logo. Go to my channels option from that menu. Another menu will open with the option set up your channel on YouTube with your name on it. Fill in your personal information to create your channel.
  • Find an interesting topic you want to concentrate on. There are thousands of people posting, sharing their hobbies or passion with the world through YouTube video. Is your account going to share funny videos/comedies? Fashion advise? Sports commentary? Cooking shows? Movie review or even celebrity gossip news.
  • Make a content strategy on your YouTube content: You should have a strategy ready for your YouTube channel in terms of its promotion. Make unique quality videos that have the potential to go viral. Your content must be worth sharing and captivating.

How To Monetize Your YouTube Account

  • Apply for AdSense: Log in YouTube, go to my channel option. Click on the video manager option. On the left side, a navigation menu will appear from there, select channel. Click on the enable option which is displayed before monetization. Below the channel heading, he monetization will appear. Select the monetization option, a window will pop up with the heading monetization. Click on the option of how will I be paid? And then proceed by clicking on associate an AdSense account. Click on the next window and a widow will appear asking you to sign in to your Gmail account. Input all the information asked and click submit my application. A mobile phone verification will follow and after your application for AdSense will be submitted for approval.
  • Use the best YouTube tools YouTube tools include Google keyword planner, Evernote. Text to speech app, picture editing app, social media campaign.
  • Monetize your videos by advertising on your YouTube account. Engage in affiliate marketing by adding product link to your video description. Engage paid videos where brands approach you to share some valuable information about them for a valued price.

Many people today don’t know YouTube is a Goldmine. But am sure now a lot is clear to you on how you can make money from YouTube. More are coming on how to make money online without consuming your whole time.

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