How To Download And Install Facebook Messenger Lite For Android in Few Munites

Facebook Messenger Lite – Facebook as a popular social media platform has created the Facebook messenger lite app to reach users who can’t really enjoy the main app because of the model of their phone, low data speed in their areas and battery consumption. Being on the platform is important to users, but data and space consumption of the main app hinders most people from fully enjoying the app.

Facebook Messenger lite is just a simplified version of facebook messenger that tackles the hindrances of facebook messenger app for users. Now you can connect with your friends without bothering about data consumption or space and battery drainage. Facebook messenger hardly works effectively on phones of older models or less expensive phones, sometimes they struggle to run the app making the app hang or end up not being useful to its users. Facebook messenger lite is the slimmed down version of facebook messenger that allows it run on older phone models or cheaper phone devices.

Facebook Messenger Lite

Features Of Facebook Messenger App

Facebook messenger lite is quite easy to use and does not consume as much data and space as the facebook messenger lite. However when it comes to features, the main messenger app has more awesome feature; it is just a simplified version of facebook messenger app. Facebook messenger lite consumes low storage space of about 20mb and consumes less data which means you can save up money on that while still enjoying the platform.

The app was specially designed for developing countries that have low data speed unlike in well developed countries, so no matter where you are you can still interact with friends without bothering about your slow data speed. This is because this app was specially made for slow data connections, and you can send and receive messages quite easily on the app.

Facebook Messenger Lite App

Facebook messenger lite app cuts down all the other extra features that make the facebook messenger app heavy to run on cheaper and old phone models, it removes the game tab, discover tabs for adverts and you can just enjoy the simple functions of facebook messenger. Most users prefer using facebook lite because it runs smoothly on your phone and does not consume as much battery as the main messsnegr app does.

It allows you to connect with friends without the unnecessary bloat that comes with the main messenger app. The awesome thing is that you can still make video calls by simply tapping conversations and tapping video icon on the top right, and the video is totally under your control. You can make voice calls; send stickers, use emojis, share pictures and record voice messages. It basically performs same functions your facebook meesenger app does; only it is very simple and easy on messenger lite app. messenger lite is only available on android devices and iOS users are still anticipating the iOS version of the app to enjoy its benefits.

How To Download Messenger Lite

The main purpose of having a messenger app is to easily connect and communicate with friends, though messenger lite does not have the extra features in facebook messenger, it is quite nice to use. You can simply visit the Google play store to download the app for your android device

  • Simply visit the Google playstore
  • Type the name of the app on the search bar
  • Then click the DOWNLOAD button next to the app
  • Then install the app on your phone and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

Interacting with friends is the main purpose of having a messenger app and facebook messenger lite gives you just that.

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