How To Download Facebook Videos To Gallery On Your iPhone & Android Device

Download Facebook Videos – Facebook is a popular social media platform with millions of users patronizing it for the fun and for its benefits. Most people are on this platform to keep in touch with old friends, family members, get updates on latest happenings in the world or just to simply interact with new people.

Your Facebook account lets you create your own world where you share photos, videos of yourself, share write-ups about your interest and feelings for your friends to see and comment. It is one of the most social platforms out there where people can interact with others on a more personal level.

Download Facebook Videos

Almost everyone seems to be on Facebook for the fun and for the opportunities it creates. As a business owner you can promote your business on the platform and reach a large number of people from different locations. And then this is how your profits grow as your market expands and attract more customers through the platform.

Through the platform you can get in touch with other users, especially those from your locations, place of work, and place of birth, town or school. It just tries to create a community of people you know or might know, and create a platform for you to keep in touch with what happens in their lives and interact with them as well. You can become so familiar with a stranger through the platform, in fact, people meet on the platform and end up as life partners, how awesome is that?

Facebook Download Video Features

There are several features that are part of this platform that enable users share photos, tag people, watch videos on the platform and even send direct messages to others. Now, we are concerned with the video aspect of the platform. It’s awesome how you can watch videos on the platform and even comment, some videos may even play as you navigate to them without you having to click on it.

With the way Facebook is turning to YouTube, by allowing users access to multiple videos it is hard to resist watching and even downloading the videos. You may come across a wonderful video on the platform and you just want to download and watch it later, or show it to your friends. But the problem is there is no download option for videos On Facebook.

Now we will help get to know how to download that video and watch it whenever you like.

How To Download Facebook Videos On Android

  • Open your Facebook app, navigate to your feeds and go to the video you wish to download
  • Click on the MENU icon at the top right corner of the video
  • A drop-down menu will appear, click SAVE
  • You can the list of videos you have downloaded by going to your menu icon and select SAVED
  • If you wish to view any video, click on it, you will be shown list of apps on your phone to open video with
  • Click on any Facebook video downloader app you have like ESDDOWNLOADER
  • Then you can now download video on the app
  • Or you can tap the MORE settings on the video
  • Select COPY LINK
  • Go to any video downloader app and paste the URL on its text box
  • Select the version you want to download, then click DOWNLOAD

How To Download Facebook Videos On Your iPhone

  • Once on your Facebook timeline on your Facebook app
  • Navigate to the video you wish to download
  • Right click on the video,
  • Then on the list of options select COPY VIDEO URL AT CURRENT TIME
  • Then go to any Facebook video downloader app you have, then paste the URL on the text box and click DOWNLOAD
  • You can now choose which quality of video you want
  • If the video is already playing, click SAVE AS…

Remember you can only download videos that are not in private mode settings.

How To Download Facebook Videos For Your PC

  • Go to Facebook website and log in your account
  • Find the video you wish to download on your timeline
  • Right-click and select SHOW VIDEO URL
  • And paste it on your browser, remove WWW and add M
  • The hit enter to download the mobile version of the video
  • When it starts playing, right click on the video and click SAVE AS
  • Then select any location on your device to save it in.

Facebook does not make it any easy to download videos on the platform, nevertheless with the tips we are given you above you sure can get to download that video.

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