How Can I Block my Credit Card?

Can I block my credit card? Credit card is a useful flexible handy tool gave by a financial institution to enable customers to buy on the premise to repay the Issuer. Seeing how significant a credit card is, if your card vanishes, you will need to move rapidly to avoid fraudulent activity.

However, when you notice your card is missing or taken, quickly contact your card issuer to temporarily block your card, you can contact their customer support or visit their online portal.

Here is direct guideline on how to block your credit card

Can I Block My Credit Card?

All on your own you can block your credit card. When individuals decide to deactivate their credit card it might be that their card is missing or stolen, blocking a credit card is by and large the huge decision to make when you lost your card. Discovering approaches to block your credit card when lost or stolen prevents you from being scammed.

See the guideline below to learn how to block your credit card when stolen

How To Block Credit Card Transactions

There two significant approaches to block your credit card, you can do this by calling the customer service phone number or by visiting their online portal.

See the steps below to temporarily block your credit card

• Simply put a call across to the credit card customer service by phone

• You will be asked to give your account number and SSN, in other to continue with the blocking process

Visit online portal

• Visit the credit card online portal and login into your account

•Log in your account, access the account management tap on the heading that says lock your card to deactivate your card

How To Check If My Credit Card Is Blocked

You should know or check if your credit card is blocked effectively. The best technique to check if your credit card blocked is to call the credit card issuer. You can do this through the customer support phone number on their website. Simply access their phone number and put a call across and you will get your desires information

 What Happens If I Block My Credit Card

You have to understand that you will not utilize the card to make purchase or for withdrawal at the ATM. If you lost your credit card and you block your it, fraudsters won’t be able to access it

Credit Blocked? How To Unblock It

After blocking your card, and when you find the card, the question the first thing that comes to your mind is how to unblock it. To unblock your credit card, simply follow the steps you followed while blocking it, you can either call customer support agents to help you unlock your credit.

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