H&M Credit Card: Does H&M have a Credit card?

Wondering if H&M offers a credit card, the company does not issue any credit card of its own to it, customers. H&M only offers H&M merchandise credit, which is more of a gift card but serves a slightly different purpose.

h&m credit card

H&M merchandise credit is much more like a store card that is received by the client when a standard cannot be issued. The H&M merchandise credit card varies, there are other card options customer can use to shop:

Cashback Credit Card

Customers can earn up to 5% cashback with this card at rotating categories on up to $1,500 in purchases when they activate. You are requested to register each quarter to earn rewards. All cashback customers get marched at the end of their first year. New members can also $150 into $300. The cashback credit card has no annual fee charge.

Credit Card

Master cards and visa cards are accepted for purchase at H & M


You can use your PayPal as your preferred payment, this payment method is accepted for purchase, all you have to do is choose PayPal as your preferred payment method

Gift Card

H&M gift cards and e-gift cards can also be used as a mode of payment at the H & M store and at the H & M website.

H&M Credit Card Customer Service

If you are not satisfied with what you get here and you wish to get further information can quickly contact H&M Customer Service at https://www.hm.com/us/contact.

Just there on their contact page, you can contact their customer care support by calling one of the numbers listed on their contact us page and you will get an answer to a question regarding H&M Credit Card.

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