How To Contact Hampton Bay Customer Service Phone Number

Hampton Bay Customer Service – Hampton Bay I’d a home furnishing company with a focus on patio furniture, lighting, and ceiling fans. The company is a subsidiary of home depot since we’re discussing Hampton Bay customer service, it will be nice if you learn more about the Hampton Bay company.

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ontact Hampton Bay Customer Service Phone Number

About Hampton Bay – What You Need Know About Hampton Bay

Hampton Bay products are made in China and is considered as products with low quality but when you consider the price of the products, you know they worth it.

Home Depot on the other hand gets the Hampton bays product, brands them, and sells them through the Hampton Bay name. This is why it is very difficult to get in touch with Hampton Bay itself.

The fastest best way to contact Hampton Bay about the products you purchased is by contacting the Home Depot store where you bought the product from.

The company manufactures and sells a wide range of light fixtures and ceiling fans that are available online and at home Depot stores across the U.S and Canada. Hampton Bay has set up a customer service line that users can now use to get in touch with the company directly.

With the popularity of Hampton bay products, we are not surprised that the company gets a lot of customer service calls daily.

Why Call Hampton Bay Customer Service?

Many people call Hampton Bay customer service for many reasons like;

  • Asking questions about their products.
  • Seeking help on how to use, install, or repair an Hampton product.
  • Report any problem encountered using the Hampton products.
  • Get assistance with a warranty claim.

Get In Touch With Hampton Bay Customer Service

There are just few things you should do that helps you get in touch with Hampton bay as fast as possible and they include;

  • Call Hampton bay during customer service hours.
  • Make sure you have your product number at hand before calling.
  • Any additional documents relevant to your concern should be made available.
  • Take noted during the conversation.

Note; Hampton Bay customer service provides assistance with using the products and the problems encountered while using the products, but if there’s a need to return an item you will be directed to a home Depot store bear your location.

Hampton Bay Customer Service Phone Number

Hampton Bay customer service phone number is 855-434-2678, it is the only way to get in touch with Hampton bay. Hampton Bay has only one customer service number and with this number you can speak with a Hampton bay agent and tell the agent about your issues and it will be resolved.

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