Google Trends 2019 | How To Use Google Trend For Keyword Search

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Google Trends is a website designed by Google that analyzes and shows the relative interest and trending searches for any given keyword. The Google trend started in 2004 and has the capacity to analyze the popularity of top search queries in Google Search across various regions and languages, and uses graphs to compare the search volume of various queries over time.

Google Trends 2019

Google Trends Features

The Google Trends is easy to use and offers interesting insights into Keyword popularity and media coverage of the topic. It enables comparing the relative popularity of several keywords.

Let’s you see the local and regional interest for search terms.

Google Trend displays the breakdown of the most searched keywords on Google and trending keywords at a given time on Google search in various countries.

Marketers, webmasters, and other professionals use Google Trends to better understand their audience.

It showcases the popularity of keywords and what’s trending on Google and helps you understand how it changes over time. It also suggests related keywords which compliment an original search query.

You can also use this tool to compare few keywords and see their relative popularity.

Google Trends API

The vice president of search-products and user experience at Google Marissa Mayer announced an API to accompany the Google Trend service. This was announced in 2007, and has so far not been released.

Search Quotas

Quota limits have been incorporated by Google for trends searches. This implies that the number of search attempts available per User/IP/device is limited. Information of quota limits are yet to be provided, although it may depend on geographic location or browser privacy settings.

Google Hot Trend

This is an addition to Google trends which displays the top 20 hot (fastest-rising, searches) (search-terms) of the past hour in various countries. This is for searches that have recently undergone a sudden surge in popularity.

For each of the search-terms, if offers a 24-hour search-volume graph and blog, news and web search results. Hot trend has a history feature for those who want to browse past hot searches and can be installed as an iGoogle Gadget.

Google Trends For Websites

Right from 2008, there has been a sub-section of Google Trend that analyzes traffic for websites, instead of traffic for search terms. This service became unavailable after the September 27th, 2012 release of the new Google trends product.

How To Use Google Trends

Use Google Trends On YouTube

You can use Google Trends to improve your social media reach, YouTube in particular.

On Google Shopping

Use Google Trends to help you determine the best time to create Google Shopping ads.

Monitor Competitors’ Positions

You can monitor your competitors and see how well they perform against your brand.

Find Niche

It can help you find niche topics by region. This is one of the most interesting elements of Google Trend.

With Google Trends, you have a valuable tool for keyword research.

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