Google is Changing Its Targeted Ads

Google -The multinational technology company is making big changes to its largest lucrative Ad setup. Its advertisement model has relied on the extensive information it gleaned from users of its service (Gmail, google maps, chrome).

Google is Changing Its Targeted Ads

Yesterday the company announced that it will no longer build identifiers to track individuals across the internet and it won’t use any new identifiers made by third parties

The individual by anonymized Ad tracking will be replaced by anonymized Ad tracking that the users with similar interest and behaviors and show those folks Ad.

And it’s not perfect, the “first party’’ data or information you will collect on is still fair game for specific advertising target, mobile apps which are a huge step for online ad spending also sidestep these changes.

The company is currently facing increased examination from countries across the world as the states try to strengthen data privacy regulation.  Google announced early last year that it wanted to make a third-party cookie obsolete over the course of two years.

But it’s quite surprising that the company is making changes before it is forced. No more tracking you all over the web to gain insight on what you are doing and hitting you with various ads everywhere you go.

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