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Geek store or is a tech news weblog focused on hardware, technology, TV, video games and geek-related subjects. was created by Joel Evans and Rob Hughes in 1996. It was initially the Ugeek newsletter but later became a bigger online portal with multiple parts like Jobgeek, game geek, etc.

The company was later sold to Name media after which it was sold to Geeknet and finally to its current owner Ziff Davis. gives substantial information and description about products and where to buy them.

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Features Geek store is categorized into

  • Tech: Here you can get the latest information about your favorite gadgets, electronics, tech companies, and news on trending technological advancements.
  • Scienc:. This section informs on the latest scientific breakthroughs in different fields such as medicine, physics, biology etc.
  • Games: For the game lovers, this is their section. Here you get plenty of write-ups, articles, and reviews on your favorite games.
  • Movies: The movies section gives you information on the latest trending movies in the boxxp office and the upcoming blockbusters. You also have a variety of articles and reviews on your favorite movies.
  • Television:. This section focuses on your favorite TV shows. Here you get to know stuff about the best Tv shows like its ratings, why a show might have been canceled when the next season comes up etc.
  • Comics: For the comic lovers, this is one section that’s really interesting. Get to see reviews and articles on the top comic books and comic characters from Dc comics, Marvel comics etc.
  • Culture:. This section major on notable events and happenings all around the world
  • Deals:. The “Deals” section brings you the best daily deals on your favorite gadgets, video games, electronics from the top online shopping malls on the internet like Amazon, eBay etc.

Here you can also find information on the best sites to get online courses such as Python,

Java,  PHP, SQL, CSS etc. for free or at very affordable prices. is the perfect information hub for geeks. Get latest inside information on the geeky things you love and be the first to know.

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