How To Place An Order On Gap Store Online Platform And What Happens Next

Gap Store – Gap is an internationally known retail company that specializes in the sales of clothes and its accessories. Gap Store came into existence 48 years ago by Donald Fisher and Doris Fisher as their orchestrators. The company is responsible for running a few other brands.

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Gap has a well-functioning website that houses various categories for their customers. These categories are divided into the following

  1. Women
  2. Gap body
  3. Gap fit
  4. Men
  5. Maternity
  6. Shoes
  7. Girls
  8. Boys
  9. Toddlers

Gap Store categories have shown the range they cover. Gap has done well in reaching out to all types of customers as seen above. They make services to both the younger and older persons on their customer lists.

How To Place An Order On Gap Store Online Platform

It doesn’t matter if you are buying products for yourself, or as a present to a loved one, you can get your orders attended to in lightning pace. To start placing your online order, pick at least one product from the list of available ones, and check out by clicking on the ‘check out’ place an order online

Add at least one item to your shopping bag and then go to checkout (or click the Checkout button in the top right corner of the website).

During checkout, you can select shipping options and gift options, enter payment information, and add billing and shipping addresses.

You can also review your order before it’s final, and make changes to the color, size, or quantity of an item.

What Happens Next?

After you place an order, an order confirmation immediately appears in the same window. The confirmation includes an order number. It’s a good idea to write the order number down before closing your browser.

An order confirmation email will be received within 24 hours, which shows the same order number and provides a link to your order status page on the website. You can check the status of your order anytime by clicking the “Orders and returns” link in the top right corner of the website.

When your purchase has been shipped from the warehouse, you receive a second email with tracking details. For more information on order tracking, see “Track your order.”

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