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Game Downloads For PC-  Playing Games is an important part of relaxation as it helps to enhance our mental, imaginative and cognitive abilities. The more interesting, challenging and creative games become, the more we have to improve to beat or become better at the game. PC games are the closest to play stations we’ve got. You can’t compare playing games on your mobile device to your personal computer or desktop, the feeling is unconditional.

Downloading PC Games

  Games downloads on PC are quite complicated. So you have to be sure of some things like the game compatibility with your PC system.

Check out the game specs (video card, processor needed, memory space needed and so on) and compare with your System’s.

That being said, here is a list of some sites you could get PC games from.

 Game Downloads For PC

Sites For Game Downloads On PC

Ocean of Games

One of the oldest in the business, features all categories of games from actions, adventure to sporting and arcade. They also do this online forum stuff where the gaming community can chat and probably challenge their selves.


A gaming company with a game filled site. Since it’s a renowned game company that owns the site that will certainly guarantee trust among users. They also support only gaming and streaming also support social networking.

PC Games

A site where you could either purchase or download games depending on the kind of game in question. This site is owned by EA sport. They are also linked to Origin (

 Skidrow reloaded

 If you insist on a site that does not consume data like other sites and will provide just as much services as other sites do, this is just the perfect place. Although they do not offer all games in high quality as most big sites do, they have a request game feature that just makes searching for games easy and fast.


 A website known for its large library of games all at reasonable rates. They also offer game cheats and demos to users. It also has a game request feature like Skidrow and this site can also be visited by Android OS users.


Quite an expensive site to utilize but worth it. Apart from the fact that they have a translator feature that operates in up to 28 different languages, they have the largest library of games that have ever seen on any website. They also allow social networking and game creation on the site.

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