Free Download Application For Android

  Free Download Application For Android – Every mobile device comes with its specified operating software, an interface created to provide a cool atmosphere between users and the device. Some devices have Android (a modified Linux Kernel version) as their operating system meaning some of the device’s applications will be Google related.

 Free Download Application For Android

  Downloading An Application On Google | Android Apps Download Apk

Every operating system has its personal application store, where almost all the application the mobile device will need is located. For Android-based devices, that is the Google play store, it has all verified application that your device needs and since it is verified means the application will be compatible with your device and will by no means cause your Android device any harm.

   So, if you need to download any application on your Android device, please visit the Google play store (the right-facing equilateral triangle multi-coloured green, blue, yellow and red), search for the application on the search bar located at the top of the page, when you find the application, click on the app to download it. It is advisable to have a g-mail address registered to your mobile device to fully enjoy the services of the play store.

    However, if you feel the need Free Download Application For Android websites online, here are some few choices:

  •  Apps Apk
  • GetJar
  • Aptoide; a great alternative to Google play, can directly install applications to your device.
  • Cnet; don’t know the exact application you are searching for, visit this site, it categorizes the apps according to their functions but can only give you the APK version of the App.
  • Android Games Room; could install games directly to android devices directly.
  • Appitalism
  • Pandaapp; interestingly this site also works for IOS based devices and can also install applications directly to devices.
  • Bemobi Mobile Store
  • Amazon; this is the best alternative to Google play store, secure and trustworthy.
  •; great site to user interface, has lots of applications categorized according to their functions.

   There are so many sites to get applications from, I’d prefer not to go on. Every android device is programmed to get all its application from Google play store, so when you download an app online, you need to permit your phone to install the app by following this few steps;

  • Go to “settings”.
  • Scroll down and click on “Security”.
  • Scroll down, under Device Administrators click on “Unknown Apps” thereby allowing the installation from unknown sources. Doing this means you understand the risks of downloading and installing applications from the web poses to your phone.

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