Features of iOS 14.4: All the New Features of iOS 14.4 That You Need to Know

Features of iOS 14.4- Read on and get to know about the latest updated features of IOS 14.4. Sounds nice right? So just keep scrolling and discover each of them.

Who Can Download iOS 14.4?

You could get iOS 14.4 on the following devices:

  • iPhone: All models from the iPhone 6S and later.
  • iPod Touch: 7th Generation.

Once you’ve got an iPad, you can run the equivalent iPad software: iPad 14.4.

Features of iOS 14.4

Fixing the Bug

iOS 14.3 users stated that Apple had fixed a lot of problems. There are certain problems you ought not to experience on IOS 14.4. They are:

  • After spoken directions, Audio News stories in Car play should resume and not get paused.
  • Artifacts shouldn’t appear in HDR photos taken on an iPhone 12 pro.
  • Activity data not getting updated in the Fitness application.
  • You shouldn’t have incorrect keyboard language while sending messages.
  • There shouldn’t be a Switch Control in Accessibility stopping users from picking up their calls.
  • Word suggestions and delay while typing shouldn’t occur.

Below we’ve got the best new features that Apple also introduced with release of IOS 14.4.

Smaller QR Codes

The IOS 14.4 gives your Smartphone the ability to scan smaller QR codes on your camera.

  •   To scan QR codes on your device:
  •   Direct your camera at the QR code and wait for a few seconds.
  •   You phone will scan the QR code.

 However, there might be a few problems with particular tiny codes because Apple has not mentioned specifically how small scannable QR codes will be.

Choose Bluetooth Device Types

The IOS 14.4 allows your iPhone detect the kind of Bluetooth device is connected to your Smartphone.

How it’s done:

  • Head to your settings (Bluetooth).
  • Go to your connected device and tap the blue information icon.
  • Click on your device Type.
  • Confirm if your deviyis correctly categorized.
  • If it’s not, select the right option.
  • Go back and close the settings app.

That’s all.

Time to Walk

It’s an audio series designed to inspire users on their daily stroll. It’s got different episodes like talks from inspirational figures and celebrities.

To use Time to Walk, an Apple watch and an Apple Fitness+ subscription will be needed. In total it will cost $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year.

How to access Time to walk episodes:

  • Open the workout app (on your Apple watch).
  • Select the time to walk episode you want to listen to.
  • Once it begins, your workout app will start a new walking workout.

Other New Features to Look Out For

With an iPhone 12, you will be able to find out whether or not a newly fitted camera has got verification from Apple. If the camera is fake, you’ll be warned by Apple by not being able to verify the component.

This particular feature was built to inform only.   

How to Download iOS 14.4

  • Head to your settings.
  • Click General the software update.
  • If your iPhone has been updated, you’ll see an option to download the IOS 14.4.
  • Click on Download. You phone should be well charged before you proceed with these steps. 

Make the Most of Your iPhone’s New Features

There’s a lot of new features on the IOS 14.4 and Apple on the other hand made lots of essential bug updates.

 Before IOS 14.4 returned fully, do well to upgrade and enjoy the other new changes.

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