Fastest Laser-based Random Number Generator Built by Research Team

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Random number generation has been around for thousands of years now. A team of international researchers has invented a laser that can generate 254 trillion random digits per second, which is a hundred times faster than a computer-based random number generator(RNG).

Fastest Laser-based Random Number Generator Built by Research Team

It is increasingly significant in computing as it forms the purpose of cryptography. The necessity for faster encryption that can keep out bad actors has become important to endure the safety of other devices.

Google showed case the evident supremacy of its 53 qubits quantum computer using an RNG problem, in a sign of the prevailing need for RNGs in modern technology.

This new system could be a game-changer, it can generate 250 terabyes of random bits per second, the team behind it struggled to record its output using a high-speed camera.

According to the researchers, their system trumps physical random number generators in speed, and through it capacity to produce many bitstream simultaneously.

This new innovation uses a little laser of just one millimeter long, which ricochets light between mirrors positioned at either end of an hourglass-shaped cavity before exciting the device.

Unlike the previous laser-based systems, the new process can enhance many visual modes. The random generator system was developed by researchers from Nanyang technology university Singapore in collaboration with yale university, and trinity college Dublin made in NTU

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