Facebook YouTube Linking | Embedding YouTube Video on Facebook

Facebook YouTube is a very “Mind Blowing” social marketing combination.

A very good one at that, to maximize the full potential of the social network. The best way to market your business is to diversify, especially when it comes to online marketing.

Creating a YouTube channel and a Facebook business page permits you to use the facility of video and social-network promoting. While the categories of individuals you attract to your YouTube channel is also similar to those you attract to your Facebook page. They may not know you have a Facebook page. Inserting your FB Page link to your YouTube channel provides you the way to attach those users with a click of the button.

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 Setting up your Facebook YouTube account

Below are the procedures to get this Facebook Youtube up and running;

  1. Sign into your YouTube account. Click your username at the top-right of any YouTube page and choosing “Channel.” Open another page in your Internet browser and go to your Facebook business page.
  • Click the blue “Edit” link next to “Profile” on the left aspect of your YouTube channel page.
  • Click the checkbox next to “Website” if a checkmark isn’t gift. Switch to your Facebook business page. Highlight the URL, right-click and select “Copy.”
  • Switch back to your YouTube channel. Click the text box on the Website, right-click the box and select “Paste.” Your Facebook business page URL will appear. Click “Save Changes” at all-time low of the “Profile” section on your YouTube channel page. When users visit your channel, they will click your web site link to travel to your Facebook business page.

Sometimes people want to ask.

Is it legal to share YouTube videos on Facebook?

If by sharing, you mean clicking the share link where the YouTube video is playing in their own player and the person on Facebook can click to go directly YouTube, then yes. It’s 100% legal and truly, YouTube wants you to do it.

Furthermore, you can also use a video distributor like transferring Videos to upload your video to Facebook, YouTube, and other social media at the same time. If it is a video you are promoting or advertising you should definitely post it on both YouTube and Facebook. More people would like and view it.

How to Post a YouTube Videos on Facebook

Here’s how:

  • Find the video in YouTube.
  • Click “share” at the bottom of the video.
  • Copy the link that you see there.
  • Go to Facebook profile or a page.
  • Add the link to the update.

People also want to know if its legal to repost YouTube videos…

The answer is: it varies.

You can repost YouTube videos with a resourceful Commons license, but only if you use the YouTube Editor. If you attend that page and click on the “CC”-icon, you can search through all the CC videos on YouTube.

As for videos with a regular license: no, you can’t, unless you have the creator’s explicit permission.

Embedding YouTube Video on Facebook

Furthermore, Let’s Show You How To Embed YouTube Video Players on Facebook;

  1. Visit the YouTube page of a video you’d wish to introduce (link in Resources)…
  • Click “Share” to view the video’s sharing options…
  • Click the page link inside the text box under Share This Video to select the link, then press “Ctrl-C” to copy the text.

We believe with this few write up, we’ve done justice for you.

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