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Facebook two factor authentication also know as Facebook Two step authentication, 2 factor Verification or 2 factor authentication, is a security feature, designed, to help you protect your Facebook account. Added to your password, Facebook two factor authentication further secures your Facebook account and keeps it safe.

facebook two factor authentication

How Facebook Two Factor Authentication Works

Once you set up Facebook two factor authentication, you will be prompted to key in a special login code or confirm your attempt to login. Each time someone tries to login via a computer, or a mobile device that is not recognized.

You are also notified with alerts, once someone tries to access the account from a recognizable computer.

Once you turn on Facebook two step authentication, from a mobile device, you’ll be prompted to turn on text message codes for authentication. But if you desire to manage your different authentication method, without going with the text message authentication. You will be required to navigate to your security and login settings from a computer.

Facebook refers to it’s two-factor authentication as “Login Approvals”. This gives your account, an added layer of protection against hacking, and unauthorized access to your Facebook account.

To get Facebook two factor authentication to work for you, you must enable this two factor authentication on your Facebook account.

How to Enable Facebook Two Step Authentication

To enable Facebook two Step authentication;

  • Tap on the small downward facing arrow, located in the upper right-hand corner, to be directed to “Settings”. From there, you are to tap on “Security” on the left, and choose “Login Approvals”
  • Next, tap on the box that reads “Require a login code to access my account from unknown browsers”, to begin the setup process.
  • Thereafter, you will be prompted to key in your password, before you make security changes to your account. Key it in, and tap “Submit”.
  • Click through the first two prompts, to begin and continue the setup.
  • If your phone number, has not been given to Facebook yet, you’ll be prompted to key it in, and add it to your timeline.
  • Immediately after you click the “Continue” tab, a code will be sent to you by Facebook, key it in, and confirm.
  • Once you are done setting up the Facebook two factor authentication, you now at liberty to “Ease in”, and cancel Facebook two factor authentication, within a week. It is advised, that you check the “No thanks” box, and get your settings secured immediately.

Once you complete the Facebook two factor authentication set up, you can rest assured that no unauthorized activity can be carried out on your account without your permission.

Facebook 2 step verification, is necessary security feature every Facebook user needs to get for his or her profile. Whether the account is frequently used or not.

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