Access Facebook NotePad Via Facebook Pages, App And How To Create Facebook Notes

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Facebook Notes or Facebook notepad are tools and application, which users use to perform sharing and communication activities on Facebook.

Facebook Note is a simple word-processing feature designed for Facebook users. Notes enable users to write full-length posts with formatting, tagging, and pictures.

Facebook users may have noted on default on their profile.

facebook Notes

Facebook Notes Benefits

  • Facebook notes is indexed in Google
  • It can be shared to your page, and thereafter promote the post
  • You can have links to your blog/website within the Facebook note

Facebook Notes Features

Facebook Notes have the following features;

  • It is designed with headings for your text, as well as large “Quote” areas
  • There’s header image ( or cover photo ) for each note: ideal size 1200 × 445
  • Links can be added to your text
  • People, Pages or Groups can be tagged right in the text
  • Note is designed with a “Feed” area
  • Photos in note, can come in a variety of sizes, and can be manually resized, by dragging the photo edge. But the maximum height of the photo is 720 pixels
  • You can give each photo a caption within the text
  • Numbered lists or bulleted lists
  • Facebook Note has comments shares and likes
  • Save drafts of Notes to work on and access later
  • User’s can restrict the privacy of their Note, so only people or groups they approve of can see it
  • FB Notes text can be formatted, to bold, italics, and the font changed to mono.
  • Notes appear in Google searches
  • With Notes, you have your own area on your profile, so you can easily access them, than a post.

How to Access Facebook Notes App

Before you can successfully create a Facebook notepad, you must first access your notes area.

Access Facebook Note on Facebook Profiles

Method 1

  • Scroll to your profile
  • Choose “More”, right under your cover photo. If note is already the note app installed, it will show up in the drop-down menu, where you can select it
  • If you do not have notes listed, you can choose “Manage Sections” at the rear of the drop-down menu
  • With this, a pop-up box pops up, where you can add the notes app

Method 2

  • Scroll directly to to directly access your Facebook note.

How to Access Facebook Notepad via Facebook Pages

  • To access Facebook note, via Facebook pages, from your page, you can access note under the “More” button, under your Facebook cover photo
  • If you can’t locate it from there, it is possible, you have removed it from your Applications on your page.
  • Thus, scroll to “Settings”, and thereafter “Apps”, then scroll down to the Note App, and tap on the “Edit Settings” button.
  • Next add it back, if it is not added to your page.

How to Create Facebook Notes

To create Facebook note,

Note, that the Note creation tab varies if you are in your own Notes area, or in the general Notes area.

To create in the general note area, which is ( ),  Tap “Write a Note”. From here, you can also locate where you see the “Notes News”

  • In your Personal Profile of Notes;
  • To create notes, tap on the “Add Note Button”.
  • Once you tap on it, a pop-up box comes up, where you can start working.

Use Facebook Notes, to share, communicate, and write full-length texts, and create content that your Facebook fans will love.

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