How To Play Facebook Messenger Word Blitz Cheats And Hacks to Win

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Game lovers must have found Facebook messenger games a rather interesting feature and reason for them to spend more time on the app. And messenger word blitz is one of the most popular games on the platform that users play with their friends. It has over 5 million users playing the game on the platform.

Facebook messenger Word Blitz is similar to scramble, you have to find the right spellings of words to keep progressing in the game, but sometimes it may get quite difficult to find right spellings to a word.  

Facebook Messenger Word Blitz Cheats

It is a quite popular word puzzle game in which you need to match correct spellings of letter blocks to win the game. However, playing this game is not as easy as it seems. Sometimes you get stuck trying to find the right spellings of a particular word. Well, we can help you win points with ease and you can learn the cheats you need to crack that puzzle with ease.

Facebook Word Blitz is one of the most played games on Facebook messenger, and friends often play it to find out who is smarter while having fun with one another. However, you wouldn’t want to be the least smart person amongst your friends, which is why we are right here to help with the right cheats to keep winning points and stay on top.

How To Play Facebook Messenger word Blitz Game With Cheats

Facebook Messenger word Blitz game is quite fun to play with friends. However, it can be quite frustrating at times when you can’t get correct spellings of words in order to win points. 

You earn fireballs when you win and follow certain instructions, and you have just less than five minutes to get the right words to match the letters in the box. You can play this game by clicking the START NEW GAME option, and tapping on the friend you wish to play game with.

If you wish to earn more points in this game, you have to pay more attention to words that carry extra points; these block letters are often longer and more than other words.

Once, you get this cheat we are about to give you, you can play games with people who have higher fireballs than you and you can reach the top of your leader board. To play Facebook messenger Word Blitz with ease:

  • Go to
  • Then enter all the words you can see in the box as quickly as possible,
  • It will give you alphabets arranged in the right order, then you can start matching the alphabets it shows you.
  • This makes it rather easy for you to start winning points in the game and also reach the top of your leader board.

Facebook messenger Word Blitz is not just a fun game but an educative one too, you can learn the right spelling of words while playing game. And you can play the game right on your messenger with friends.

However, it can get quite difficult at times, if you wish to tackle this difficulty you can use the cheat we have shown you above. It makes it quite easy for you to win points and earn more fireballs.

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