Facebook Messenger Kids Download | Messenger App | How to use Messenger Kids

Facebook Messenger Kids is one of Facebook’s best invention so far as Facebook is doing all their best to make sure everyone even the children are carried along in what they offer.

Facebook Messenger Kids is the child-friendly version of Facebook video calling and Messaging app available for smartphones and tablets as well as runs on both the android and iOS devices.

Presently, which is yesterday being the 3rd of September this Facebook Messenger kids was launched in Philippine. But earlier before now, the Facebook Messenger kid has been launched in other countries.

Facebook Messenger Kids Download  |  Messenger App | How to use Messenger Kids

This Facebook Messenger for Kids has been designed to thoroughly control what our kids are exposed to on the internet. As it give the parent a great opportunity to set and monitor what the children do on the Facebook platform.

Because of the level of +18 contents on social media these days, it highly expected that every parent should try as much as possible to have this Facebook messenger for kids as it will go a long way to help control what the kids are exposed to.

Feature Of The Facebook Messenger Kids App

Let us look at what can be done with the Facebook Messenger App for Kids.

  • Parents can Manage as well as control their children’s contact list
  • It has drawing tool which enable user to express themselves better.
  • With the App you have access to filters, emoji and stickers for a more fun communication with friends and family
  • Adults Approve by the parents can have access directly to Message and video with the kid using Messenger App.

 How To Use And Download Facebook Messenger Kids App

Below is a guide on how to download and make use of Messenger Kids App…Follow the steps below

  • First Download the Messenger Kids App your child’s gadget weather a phone or tablet. You can get this Messenger Kids app by visiting the Google play store, Apple Store or the Amazon App store.
  •  Next is to Authenticate your child’s device  using Your Facebook login
  • Then Create an account for your kids by adding the name of your child
  • Now you can have control over you kid’s account then you can customize control in the parents Dashboard in your Facebook Account.

If you are seeing this Facebook feature for the first time find a way to take advantage of it.

This will really help us be great parents and as well bring up our kids in the way they should grow.

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