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Facebook group, are offered in different categories to users, to help them, engage better on the Facebook social media platform.

Facebook offers some group options, which it thinks you might be interested in joining, based on some factors, which are;

  • Pages that have been liked by you
  • Public or Closed groups, which your friends are members of.
  • Public or Closed groups akin to other groups that you are a member of.
  • Public or Closed groups that are near you, or in your neighborhood.

Note, only you can see a list of these groups suggested to you by Facebook.

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Types of Facebook Groups

Different types of groups are offered by Facebook, these are;

  • Closed Group: These are groups that only people invited by a group member can join.
  • Secret Group: Secret group, means no one, but only people in the group can see the group.
  • Open Group: Here, anyone who feels like it, can join the group and start posting without restrictions.

How to Join a Facebook Group

Before you can join a Facebook group, you must first of all, find a group you may be interested in joining.

How to Locate a List of Facebook Groups to Join

  • Scroll to your homepage
  • At the left side of the menu, tap on the “Groups” button.

Once you take the above-outlined steps, you’ll see the groups you manage, the groups you are in and the groups you have hidden.

How to Join and Interact on Facebook Group

Before you join a group, you have to take the following into consideration;

  • The people on your Facebook contact list may see when you join a public or closed group or a group that you are a member of, in the News Feed or search.
  • Once you are added by someone to a public or closed group, others may see that you have been invited. Immediately you visit a group, you are invited to, you will become a member, and other people may see you join.
  • Some groups on Facebook, have their privacy settings, set to secret, and this may not appear in search results. This can only be seen once a group member adds you.
  • The first step in joining a Facebook group is to scroll to a group and tap on the “+ Join Group” icon beneath the cover photo.
  • Note; Depending on the group’s settings, you may have to hold on for the group admin to approve your request.
  • Once your request is approved, you automatically become a member of that group.

Facebook group,  helps you better engage on the Facebook social media platform. It helps you better share, connect and promote your profile and brand on the Facebook social media platform.

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