Facebook Dating App US Release | Facebook Dating App Download Free | Facebook Dating Features 2020

Facebook Dating App US Release – Facebook dating has been a long-anticipated feature among the citizens of the U.S and finally, it’s here. Facebook started launching the dating feature September last year in other countries including Colombia and so on.

In the U.S more than 70% of adults online have reportedly gone on dates with someone they met online. This reflects just how much the U.S citizen’s value and takes to online dating.  Online dating has been racking up a lot of users recently in the U.S and finally there is a new player in the game.

Facebook Dating App US Release | Facebook Dating App Download Free

Facebook dating was released in the U.S on the 5th of September 2019 as an in existing feature within the Facebook app. Keep reading to find out how to get the Facebook dating feature in the U.S.

Facebook Dating App In U.S

Like most Facebook new features, the Facebook dating app can be found in the Facebook app implying that there is no standalone Facebook app. To use this service, you would have to create a dating profile, one that will have nothing to do with your main Facebook account.

The only details Facebook will collect for your dating profile from your main Facebook account is your name, age and location. The name you can change, the age to verify that you are 18 years old or above and location to help find potential and nearby matches. Thus no one is going to be informed by Facebook that you use the Facebook dating service.

Facebook Dating Features

Do not get worried of Facebook suggesting Facebook friends or mutual friends to you as matches. You can toggle off Facebook suggest friends as dating matches and also block specific people from seeing your Facebook dating profile.

Facebook dating amongst its many attributes allows you to integrate your Instagram account into your dating profile. This way you can share your Instagram posts to your dating profile making it look more colourful.

There is also the secret crush feature that allows you to add up to 9 people from your Facebook friends or Instagram followers to a list of people you have a crush on. If whoever you put on the list also has you on their secret crush list, Facebook dating then creates a match.

Facebook dating also has a feature that allows you to inform friends or family members of a date you are having with someone directly through Facebook messenger. You get to share the live location of your intended date with that person for a certain amount of time.

How To Get To Facebook Dating In The U.S

It’s very simple provided you are 18 years of age or older, have a Facebook account, and have reviewed and agreed to Facebook dating terms of use. Before following the procedures below, do update your Facebook app first;

  • Hit the hamburger menu at the top right corner.
  • Locate and click on the “Dating” tab. Can’t find it?; scroll down and tap on “See More” then select “Dating”.
  • Next, tap on “Get Started”.

From here, you would have to start creating your dating profile by providing all the necessary information. This will help Facebook dating in suggesting matches to you.

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