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Facebook Crisis Response – Facebook has a safety check feature which is able to immediately identify users who are likely to be in an affected area, collect their safety status and send information out to friends and family at a quick pace.

When one is in an emergency situation, his safety and perhaps chance to survive such crisis relies on sending and receiving messages, alerts efficiently. In a world prone to terrorist attacks such as suicide bombing, shooting spree and massacre, racial discrimination and natural disaster.

Facebook Crisis Response or Facebook safety check helps identify places that are dangerous and or is close to where such crisis is happening that warns other users to stay clear.  This safety check also quickens the rate in which help gets to such a place.

Facebook Crisis Response Page | Safty Check Facebook

Facebook enterprise engineering has developed such feature for companies.  Safety check for workplace incorporated important modifications to enable management by a company’s designated security team and to ensure accuracy even when multiple companies are affected simultaneously

How Safety Check for Workplace Functions

Designated safety operators create and send out a safety check notification to their work community in a three step process

1. Locate and identify the people in danger

2. Alert affected employees by posting on their news feed.  Ask them to confirm their safety status.

3. Continue tat tempting to make contact with anyone who is yet to be confirmed safe or in need of assistance.

How is Facebook Safety Check Activated

A global crisis reporting agency alerts Facebook about any incident that endangers peoples life.  With social media, information gets around quickly and Facebook is one of the quickest way to spread information to a larger audience than email or phone text.

If a lot of people in a crisis-affected area are posting about the incident, safety check will be activated and those people in the area may receive a notification from Facebook to mark themselves safe.  Anyone who taps the safety notification will also be able to see if any of their friends are I the affected area or have marked themselves safe.

How to Find Safety Check

To find safety check, do the following

1. Go to Facebook Crisis Response

2. Select the crisis page for the specific crisis you are looking for

3. You can then,  mark yourself safe through safety check on the top page.

How to Use Facebook Crisis Response to Find Help

When in danger or in the midst of a crisis such as flood, bomb, hurricane, you can use Facebook crisis response to find help through your community for things such as transportation,  food,  shelter. There are tips to follow such as

1. Click on crisis page and tap “Find help”

2. Scroll through the categories and select the category that matches the type of help you need.  If you find the help you are looking for, comment on the post or message the person who posted to connect with them

3. Tap create post if you can’t find the type of help you are in need of

4. Browse the map view or scroll through existing posts on the crisis page to see what types of help people in the area are offering.

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