Facebook Collab Music Video App Launched On ios set to take on TikTok| Facebook Collab App Download

Facebook Collab Music Video App Launched on iOS, and this is Facebook taking on TikTok directly. At the moment, the new short video-making app has only been released in the United States.

Facebook Collab has been available in beta for invite-only beta testing for select users since May 2020. The app, developed by the New Product Experimentation (NPE) team of Facebook, now comes with a bunch of new features in the beta edition.

Facebook Collab Music Video App Launched On ios

The app can currently be downloaded by iOS users from the App Store. It is expected to be available on Android very soon. Facebook has not confirmed whether in other regions the app will be available.

Here is what you need to know about the Facebook Collab music video app launched on iOS.

The Facebook Collab Music Video App Launched on iOS set to take on TikTok

Under an invite-only scheme, the Facebook Collab music video app is only available for select beta users. Created by the Facebook NPE team, the app is now available for users in the United States to download on Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running on iOS 13 or later). The Facebook Collab music video app for iOs can be downloaded from the Apple App Store by users running an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch on iOS 13 or later.

What is the Facebook Collab Music Video App? 

The Facebook Collab app is an effort by Facebook to take on TikTok, the popular video-making app.

Facebook Collab aims at getting artists and fans together, beginning with music, to make, stream, and mix and match original videos.

Facebook has worked closely with beta testers and developed, shared, and discovered new collabs with new updates.

How does the Facebook Collab Music Video App Work?

You are welcomed with a feed of collabs when you open the Facebook Collab app, each collab featuring three 15-second independent videos playing in sync.

It’s as easy as swiping on any row to create your own collab to put in a new video clip that sounds amazing with your composition.

To inspire the community, users can also record their own contribution to any album, or start a brand new collab. Facebook claims that the difficulty of audio and video syncing is automated by Collab, so you can easily create a final composition you love. To use the app, users do not need any musical training or experience. To create a new collab, you can simply swipe.

“We have tailored the experience for tons of setups after experimenting with hundreds of headsets and hardware configurations.

You can also put music from electronic instruments such as keyboards, guitars, and drum kits into your recordings using external audio interfaces,” Facebook said.

Currently, whether the Facebook Collab Music Video App will be released in India or any other markets outside the US is unclear.

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