Facebook Christmas Countdown – Insert A Christmas Countdown Clock To Your Facebook Account

Facebook Christmas Countdown – Counting down on an occasion is not a bad idea at all, many social media platforms have given their users the great opportunity to countdown on an occasion like Christmas. And the Facebook platform is one of the platforms that offer a countdown on Christmas.

Sounds interesting?- yes, to easily countdown on Christmas via the Facebook social media platform, I’ll urge you to read this blog post till the end.

Facebook Christmas Countdown


Christmas is a special celebration of the year, anyone wouldn’t want to miss out on. Christmas day comes with lots of fun and stress too, yes, stress from the planning to gifting.

Christmas is celebrated by people all over the world. If you’re sensible enough you’d notice the atmosphere of Christmas as it comes near. During Christmas countdown, you’ll see Christmas trees and lights all around any location you visit.

One great and popular way of celebrating Christmas is to prepare a delicious meal share amongst friends and family. Christmas meals are special delicacies, always  taking different from the normal day meals, lol.

Due to the anxiety surrounding the Christmas celebration, a countdown clock is needed to keep track of Christmas.

What Is A Countdown Clock?

A countdown clock hells to reduce the anxiety that comes with a particular occasion. A countdown clock is more like an alarm that reminds you of the date of an occasion, asking you to prepare for the occasion.

There are lots of countdown clocks but in this article, we will discuss only on the Facebook countdown clock. Join m while I take you on a ride through Facebook countdown clock.

Facebook Christmas Countdown Clock

Facebook now makes it possible for it’s users to add a Christmas countdownclock to their Facebook account. The Facebook countdown clock helps to promote an occasion on Facebook and gives you a reminder of the date of the occasion

The Facebook Christmas countdown clock displays an image of a clock on your Facebook wall, and it count down to the Christmas date. Having known what a Facebook Christmas countdown clock is about, let’s dive into inserting a countdown clock to a Facebook account.

With Facebook countdown clock, you can countdown on different occasions like: birthdays, wedding anniversaries, graduation, and even Christmas and new year.

Insert A Christmas Countdown Clock To Your Facebook Account

  • Log into your Facebook account.
  • Type countdown clock in the search bar.
  • A list of different countdown clock appears.
  • Select Christmas countdown.
  • Click go to app to open the Christmas countdown clock.
  • Click ok.
  • Review and Grant permission requested.

After this process, the Facebook Christmas countdown clock will be added instantly to your Facebook account.

Now you can keep track of the Christmas date and prepare for it.

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