Setting Up Facebook Business Integration, Criteria & How to Manage it

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Facebook business integration, is a strategy employed by Facebook to synchronize information technology and your business cultures, objectives and align technology with your business strategy and goals.

Facebook business integration is introduced by Facebook with the hopes of linking your organization’s systems together, to streamline processes, which will lead your business to greater efficiency.

facebook business integration

Facebook Business Integration Benefits

  • You can integrate your online business, or drive traffic to other social media profiles like Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Your business gets placed on websites, which makes it become more social than ever.
  • With the Facebook plugin, you can drive a more effective user engagement
  • Using Facebook’s Graph API, (the full social graph of a user), your business can create a truly deep personal experience for your users.

How to Set Up Facebook Business Integration Criteria

Before you set up Facebook business integration, here are a few things to note;

         Setting Up Facebook Business Integration               

  • First, you are to tap on the “Integrations” button, search for Facebook Business, and tap “Connect”.
  • Once this is done, you will be given a summary of the features and functionality of Facebook for Business.
  • Tap “Connect” to launch a prompt, to connect to your Facebook business account. You are to use the prompt, to log in to your account, if you are already logged in, just, click “Continue”.
  • Select OK, to enable access to manage your Adverts, this will only enable access to your Audiences.
  • A prompt will pop up, which will enable you to choose a list to send to your Facebook account.
  • Choose the Folder, and the list, you’d like to send from the drop-down lists
  • Choose if you’d like to send Active/Inactive/Subscribed/Unsubscribed/All contacts, and tap “Continue”
  • Key in the name of your new Audience, you also have the access to add a description ( optional) tap “Create Custom Audience”
  • In case you’ve not yet accepted Facebook’s Terms of Service, you will be required to do so at this level. You can tap the link to read thru and accept the terms. Thereafter, navigate back to the platform screen, and tap on “Create Custom Audience”.
  • Once you are thru with these steps, your contacts will be added into your new Custom Audience.
  • Thereafter, your new Custom Audience within Facebook for Business will pop up. Tap on the Audience, to get to the Audience History.

Managing Facebook Business Integration

  • To manage Facebook for Business account, simply tap on “Integrations”, locate Facebook Business and tap “Manage”.
  • From here, you have the access to view the details, and the contacts that have been connected and disconnected “Custom Audiences”

Note: By tapping the “View Users” tab, the current list that is connected with Facebook Business will pop up. Changes made to this list, will also affect your list within the system.

Get engaged with Facebook Business Integration today to fully maximize your business potentials and give your business greater efficiency.

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