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Time To Use The Facebook Avatar Maker – As of May 20, Facebook has got a feature in its Android app which is called Facebook Avatars. These avatars help the people to build their personalized, illustrated, cartoony versions of themselves which can be used by them as stickers in Messenger and for commenting purposes.

Facebook Avatar Maker App - Facebook Avatar

You Can Make Your Facebook Avatar to Your Own Look

The avatar can be customized which can be used for depicting varied hairstyles, skin color, and also various facial features. The avatars on Facebook are somewhat similar to Snapchat’s acquisition which is called as Bitmoji which gained much popularity over time.

Facebook Avatar Maker: How To Create Your Facebook Avatar

  • On the Facebook mobile app, tap on the three lines that open more options for your Facebook account. These can be found on the top-right corner of the screen in Android-based phones and at the bottom-right of the screen in iPhones.
  • In these options, find the See More option and select Avatars.
  • After you have selected the Avatar option, tap on Next and then tap on Get started.
  • To create Facebook Avatar, you will have to first choose the skin tone from about 27 options. Once you have gotten the tone you want, tap on Next.
  • The next step in building the avatar is choosing the hairstyle. You can also select “Short”, “Long”, or “Medium” in the broad category, after which they will be shown a variety of hairstyles in the length you have selected. Once the preferred hairstyle is selected, tap on the Color option.
  • After this, the next step is the face of the avatar. You will now need to choose the face lines, complexion and shape of the face.
  • Once the face has been customized to your satisfaction, the next thing to do is to move to the eyes. Starting with the color of the eye, shape of eye and the length of the eyelashes will all have to be selected in this section. This will be followed by the section for eyebrow, this is where the color and the shape of the brow can be customized. Glasses can also be added as an accessory if you want.
  • After this, you can now choose the shape of the lips and the shape of the nose. In this section, the color of the lips and any facial hair can also be added.
  • Next, you will now have to choose the body shape. Once you are done, the preferred outfit can be selected, in which several accessories like scarves, hats or even cat ears can be added.
  • After the avatar has been personalized, users will have to select the check mark icon, placed on the top-right corner of the screen, and then tap on Next and then tap on Done.

Once this is done, users can access their avatars by tapping on the smiley icon in the section made to write a comment.

Spoiler Alert! You Can’t Find Facebook Avatar Maker?

It can be quite disappointing to rush out of excitement only to find out that you don’t have the Facebook avatar maker on your device, most especially if you are an iOS user. Sad to say, you’ll have to wait for this feature and that would mean keeping your Facebook app updated all the time.

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