Everything you need to know about the new Google Nest Hub

Google Nest Hub – The Google second-generation nest hub renders the latest features. The company announced its second-generation nest hub on the 16th of march, this improved version proposes numerous new features over the original, including sleeping sensing, thread support, and upgraded audio.

The Google nest hub is an all-in-one smart display that works with smart home appliances, plays music and videos, and displays your latest photos. With google assistant, with the improved version of the Google nest hub you know who is at the door, find your next recipe, control, your smart lights and you can also catch up on the latest Netflix movie or Tv shows.

Everything you need to know about the new Google Nest Hub

The original version of the Google neat hub was debuted in 2018 and was designed to contend with a video-based smart assistant like the Amazon Echo Show. The main difference between these devices and other smart assistants inclusion of a screen.

The screen enables touch and video capacity, giving the smart assistant a more tablet-like user experience. The current and the second generation google nest hub featured the same 7-inch touch screen.

The new Google Nest hub has a similar look to the original. Just a minimum difference of the lip at the edge of the display. This minimum difference gives Nest hub a more streamlined appearance and may make cleaning the device a lot easier. However, the major difference of the Nest hub second generation is in the internal component of the device.

The most outstanding feature of the newest Google Nest hub is the inclusion of soil, mini processor that enables radar. The soil technology was first released with the pixel 4 phone and is on the Nest learning thermostat. Google also made two upgrades to the new best hub, A far field microphone in the unit, making it three.

And, the audio quality on the devices has been enhanced. The company stated that the audio quality has 50% bass than the original. A “dedicated on-device machine learning chip” that allows the taste to respond to any command as the device gets accustomed to your daily routines has been added. Nest hub is also made with 54% recycled post-consumer plastic.

Thread radio support has been included as well, the thread technology is a communication protocol similar to Zigbee that enables smart devices to function more securely by creating a mesh network. Adding the thread technology to the second generation Nest hub shows that the company acknowledges thread as an integral part of future smart home tech.

The google second generation Nest hub will be available for $99.99 in the United States. This price is a slight increase over the previous model, but the upgraded features definitely worth the price. Available colors are charcoal, chalk,  mist, and sand.

Pre-order started march 16, the company confirmed the availability of the latest neat hub in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the united kingdom. Major retailers(best buy) will stock the product and it will be available on the Google play store. Additionally, Google only lists the best hub as pre-order at the moment, but several sources, including best buy, seem to point to a release date of 30th March.

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