EPFL Create A Chip That Detects Stress Levels Via Sweat

Engineers from the Swiss federal institute of technology Lausanne formulated a wearable chip that can amount the focus of cortisol sweat.

The chip is enabled to monitor the level of stress, the chip might emerge to wearable like smartwatches that can detect its user’s stress level throughout the day. 

EPFL Create A Chip That Detects Stress Levels Via Sweat

EPFL wrote in a comment that there has been nowhere to identify stress levels in the human body, this creation has the potential to change.

A stress level detector helps regulate metabolism, blood sugar level, and blood pressure. It enables the body to redirect energy to the brain, muscles, and heart when undergoing stress to prepare them for a fight or flight response. The engineers have already tested their creation in the lab, and their next is testing in a hospital setting.

They’re now working with the Lausanne University Hospital to trial the system on human patients, some of whom have Cushing’s syndrome.

“That’s the key advantage and innovative feature of our device. Because it can be worn, scientists can collect quantitative, objective data on certain stress-related diseases.

And they can do so in a non-invasive, precise, and instantaneous manner over the full range of cortisol concentrations in human sweat,” Nanolab head Adrian Ionescu said.

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