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Enable Dark Mode on Google Play -After the Google I/O held in May 2018, we saw how, little by little, the mother company of Android was working month after month on a facelift of its main services and platforms, based on the new design philosophy of Google Material Theme, that among other things introduced the highly anticipated dark theme.

Enable Dark Mode on Google Play Store

Today, when we have already entered 2019 and a good part of the Android applications created by the great G have already made the leap to these new style guides, several of these apps already have a night mode or hidden dark theme enter your settings. In this article, we review the steps to activate it in each of them.

All Google apps that already have a dark theme


How To Enable Dark Mode on Google Play Store

One of the latest apps to join the dark theme trend was Google Play Store. The app of the store already has its dark gray tone, which at the moment, yes, is only available on devices updated to Android 10, and will be activated automatically when configuring the dark theme of the system.

  • To activate the dark mode, the procedure is very simple.
  • Open up Google Play
  • Locate the three-dotted lines that appear in the upper left.
  • Then select the option that says “Settings.”
  • When you have opened this tab, choose “Themes” and select the dark one.

Other Google Apps with The Option to Enable Dark Mode

How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the latest Google applications to integrate the expected dark theme. It was version 74 of the browser in charge of introducing this option, although at the moment it must be enabled through the experimental settings of the app, known as flags.

  • Update Google Chrome to version 74, or download any of the other versions of the app –Beta, Dev or Canary–.
  • Open the address “chrome: // flags” – without the quotes.
  • In the search bar, enter “Night” to display the “Android Chrome UI dark mode” option. Activate it and restart the browser.
  • Restart the app and open Chrome settings. A new option should appear allowing you to activate the new dark theme.

Enable Dark Mode on YouTube

YouTube for Android joined the dark theme trend in summer 2018, several months after this option had started to be available in the version of the app aimed at iPhone and iPad devices. Like the rest of Google services, the dark theme of YouTube for Android changes the background colors to dark gray, instead of black.

Be that as it may, and as has been shown in several studies carried out by Google itself, activating the dark theme in applications where you usually spend a lot of time, such as YouTube, can effectively reduce energy consumption. The steps to activate night mode on YouTube are as follows:

  • Open the YouTube app and tap on your profile picture located at the top right.
  • Enter “Settings” and access the “General” section.
  • Activate the “Dark theme” option. It is now recommended to restart the application.

Enable Dark Mode on Messages

It is very likely that in the coming years we will witness a great revolution in the native Android messaging application. The company intends to make this app the standard for messaging within the operating system, competing with WhatsApp and other heavyweights in the sector.

For some time, in addition, the Android Messages app offers the possibility of activating a dark mode that affects the entire interface of the app. To do this, just open the options menu in the upper right, and activate the dark theme.

Enable Dark Mode on Gboard

The Google keyboard for Android –and iOS– also has a multitude of themes to choose from, including some dark, and even totally black, for devices with an OLED screen.

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