Top 9 Email Marketing Companies

Email Marketing Companies – Companies or firm that uses software to advertise businesses, it’s very cost-effective, especially for small and growing firms.

Getting good marketing software is surely one of the best ways to boost your advertising odds because it’s easy to manage, cheap but effective, and gives you full control thereby allowing you to create direct contact with customers or potential customers.

Qualities of Good Email Marketing Companies

Good Email Marketing Companies or a good email marketing tool will make sure your emails get delivered speedily, has a good user interface, should be able to send a lot of targeted emails, and should be able to give details on the performance of your email marketing campaigns.

List Of Top 9 Email Marketing Companies

Below are some very good Email Marketing Companies;

  • Inbox Marketer: A Canadian email marketing firm, working with them should be close to perfect because of their end-to-end campaign, strategy, and management system.
  • Drip: An extremely powerful software, an email marketing platform for eCommerce, bloggers, and online marketers. Has extra features such as live chat support, free guides, and automation training. It might be quite expensive but very reliable and efficient.
  • Mailchimp: If you’ve been using Email Marketing software for some time, you should have come across this service. It has an easy user interface, it offers free subscription although it has limited features and can easily integrate with WordPress, Magento, and so on.
  • Constant contact: My personal recommendation for small businesses or something just growing, their pricing is not too high, and are great on improving the success rate of marketing emails.
  • ConvertKit: A lot of this software features are designed just to fit content creators, bloggers or writers. Very easy to use with a great interface that allows you to upgrade content and group subscribers.
  • 1973 Ltd: An extreme UK based email marketing firm that specializes in designing, building and sending email campaigns or ads.
  • allWEBeMAIL: They create, brand, and customize email campaigns and email formats.
  • Email Aptitude: Are you looking for a full service from an Email Marketing firm, this is just the perfect place to be. Apart from the management aspect, they also offer full-service email marketing and strategic services.
  • Constant Contact: one of the largest email marketing services worldwide, allows you to manage almost everything about your campaign apart from sending it off course. Track emails, create surveys and give reports on how campaigns are going on.

There are lots of other online email marketing services available, these are just picked out of the well, you could try any of them out based on the reports given.

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