Elon musk explains what happened to Tesla model Y standard

The Model Y Standard Range got the “$35,000 Model 3” treatment. This week, the automaker quietly removed the model Y standard range from its public configurator. This happened after the model was available for order via the website for less than two months, and got a $2,000 price drop last week.

The chief executive officer Elon Musk provided a statement on Monday evening after Twitter users asked the tesla boss what is going on. In the CEO’s words, “it’s still available off menu.”  The company has used this approach with it infamous $35,000 model 3. After the affordable EV’s arrival, the electric sedan disappeared from the online configurator and became available to order using your mobile device or in person.

Tesla didn’t want to sell the particular version of the Model 3. Today, it’s no longer available. Tesla CEO said in the same tweet, “I don’t think the range, in many drive conditions, yet meets Tesla’s standard of excellence.” This seems like the event that played out last year when musk announced we weren’t getting a model Y standard range at all, but the vehicle made a surprise debut online last month with a 244-mile estimated range.

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