Easter Greetings, Wishes, And 2021 Sunday Messages

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Easter is here again. It’s a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus from the tomb on the third day after his crucifixion. According to the new testament, Easter is three days after the death of Jesus Christ. Easter is a time of renewal and awakening.

Easter Greetings, Wishes, And 2021 Sunday Messages

Easter Greetings

If your celebrating Easter with your family, friends, colleagues, and the rest wishing them a happy holiday is always a nice gesture. This is when cute Easter greetings and tasteful cards come in handy. Here are some Easter Greetings you could send.

  • May your heart be filled with lots of love and joy from above. Happy Easter
  • Happy Easter to you dear friend, I pray that the resurrection of our dear Lord brings lots of abundant contentment to you and your family.
  • May the Lord help you in finding happiness and peace in little simple things that matter.
  • May this Easter bring you lots of love and faith, always believe In yourself. Happy Easter to you.
  • I know you love gifts so much, I hope the Easter bunny brings you lots of delicious chocolate eggs. Hmmm, yummy!! Have fun and remember to share. Happy Easter
  • Hey, best friend!! It’s Easter. Hope you weren’t expecting an epistle on Easter? Well, this Easter I wish you lots of tasty chocolates and positive thoughts. Happy Easter
  • May the wonderful Easter holiday inspire you with new hopes, inner peace, and true love. Happy Easter
  • God gave us hope and we can see that our lives are filled with his blessings, both the once we deserve and the once we don’t. Enjoy the abundance of presents we are blessed with and share love and joy with everyone around.

Funny Easter messages and Quotes

How about we try out something different from the usual. It would be pretty bad being sad on Easter day, so let’s try spicing Easter up with some funny Easter messages.

1.  Imagine an Easter Bunny have a foot instead of an ear? — — Sure, it can! Just make it twelve inches long!

2. What will Easter couple Bunnies do after their wedding party? — — Go on a bunny moon!     

3. How can you know how half an Easter Bunny look like? — Nothing can be easier. Look at the other half!

4. What is the most popular Easter game? — Basketball cause you literally hop your way all through.

5. What should an Easter Bunny do if he loses his tail? — Do the boogie dance heading to the nearest retail store to get another. You don’t get a new tail every day you know.

Happy Easter Sunday Wishes 2021, Message and Greetings

We’ve also got some Sunday wishes 2021 to keep the Easter complete and holy. Check them out

  •    May you and your family have a great Easter Sunday? I pray Jesus Christ erase all your sins and gave you the grace to overcome them all. Love and be devoted, Happy Easter Sunday
  • The sweetest thing of all is coming together, joining hands in the lord’s presence to rejoice in the resurrection of the son of God. Enjoy your Easter
  • There’s more than enough reason to love Easter Sundays. You get to eat free food, rejoice with you family and friends or not, pray and most of all get together to celebrate Jesus ultimate sacrifice. Happy Easter 2021
  •  If you still haven’t found Jesus Christ then you’ve been lost for quite some time now. There’s serenity and utmost love in life once you find Jesus so, find and follow him and everything else will fall in place. Happy Easter

With does messages above, your Easter is complete and good to go. Try not to spend Easter alone, show love to does far and near no matter what might have happened. Learn to love yourself so you could actually love other people. Happy Easter in advance.

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