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Earrings are private jewelry that could be worn with pendants dangling from the ear, they are mostly supported by the use of a hook that goes through a small opening in the lobes of the ear. They could also be made to look like clips that are screwed on the earlobes.


Recently, the need has been felt for decorations to be made on the ear for beauty proposes and has brought about the use of Earrings. Which is obviously worn in two’s because of the numbers of ears we have. In most cases, the two earrings worn by the user, are always similar both in sizes and types, to ensure uniformity. Notwithstanding, there have been cases where earrings were placed on just one ear as a fashion trend that dates back to the Renaissance and Baroque period in early Europe.

Earrings were worn by both male and females for beauty historically, say for some countries of the west, including the likes of Egypt and Israel who made it as a law for it to be put on by only the females among them, as they were strictly considered to be for females only.

Even within Greece and Rome, wearing of earring were only practiced by their women folks, as citations of men putting earrings even in their ‘literature books’, showed that such men came from the middle east.

Earrings And Designs

Earrings that were simple in design, but accorded with some precious gemstones and rocks were the most readily available ones in Rome.

The trend of earrings started fading off in the 17th – 19th century in Europe, as the use of wigs and all other materials that were successful in blocking a direct view on the ears started making waves. Thus, making them see no reason to put on earrings. In the 20th century, it became popular again because of the fact that clips for holding up wigs started coming into the picture, and there also came about more easier and safer ways of piercing earlobes, when compared to the more traditional methods formerly existing.

Types Of Earrings

  • Stud earring
  • Sterling silver earring (based on the material used)
  • Hoop earring
  • Diamond earring (based on the material used)


Stud earring is known for their ease in which they can be worn. Because of how simple they look, they are usually thought of to be boring. Jewelry companies have taken it up as a pain to really bring out the elegance in such simplicity. And today, Stud Earring have received lots of sparkling creativity, to the extent that they are now seen on a whole new level in terms of fashion. Combined with the fact that their simplicity makes the wearer comfortable enough to even put them on for weeks on their earlobes without feeling the urge to remove. This is the perfect example of elegance in simplicity.


The hoop earring is usually around a loop that links into the hole pierced in the ear, to be joined to the other side at the back of the ear.

Like the stud earring, its strength lies in its simplicity. Recent types of hoop earrings are hoops that bend and turns to look like ropes, hoops that are confiscated with pieces of diamonds, and hoops that are shaped into different carved out patterns.

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