EA Play is Coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC

The Xbox game pass offers a library of games that you dip into at any time for a small monthly fee. Starting March 18, 2021 PC gamers will benefit all of EA play’s library at no additional cost.

Microsoft formerly announced that EA play was making it’s way onto the Xbox game pass last year September. However, the announcement made by Microsoft was for console ow era only. PC gamers were not included until now.

EA Play is Coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC

Microsoft is eager to share what titles are making their way onto the Xbox game pass for PC:

More than 60 EA’s biggest and best PC games like start wars jedi: fallen order, fifa20, titanfall 2 and need for speed heat, as well as titles from some of EA’s most popular franchise like battlefield, madden NFL, command and conquer, and the sims.

Both PC and Xbox subscribers will get to play start wars: squadrons the day it’s circulated at no additional charge.  EA play members can so try out demos of some of the company’s most popular game. You pass will get 10 hours of play for. FIFA 21, making it a great way to try before purchasing and you will get an exclusive member discount on games when you are ready to buys one.

You will need to download the EA desktop app version to get started and then link it. Once it’s done, you should get EA play automatically.

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